im-tessa-pollitt said:

[text] gaylor [text] wait taylor [text] eh same difference

[text] tessa
[text] i got a glittery pink thong
[text] but like idk if my dude will like it can u be a guiny pig
[text] how do u spell guiny pig
[text] w/e dude lemme test my lingerie

Potential pennames (also taking suggestions)
  • E.L. Shames
  • Stephanie Fires
  • J.K. Bowling
  • Ursula Le Guini
  • George Eliot Stabler
  • Alan E.E. Smith
  • e.e.cummon
  • Steven Muppet
  • Aldous Huxtable
  • Ginny Sneezely
  • Agatha Christie’s Auctionhouse
  • Michael Bay Bradbury
  • Christian Biore
  • Cocoa Crispies Chanel
  • Whatever McWhatever
  • 😎😎😎

Me: we are getting a hairless guinie pig
Boy friend: maybe
Me: they are called skinny pigs and they are so cute
Boy friend: send me a picture
Me:*sends pic*
Boy friend: I would laugh every time I seen it.

We r getting one he just doesn’t know it yet. Lmao xD he told me I’m making the choices in our relationship so this is the first one I’m making we are getting a skinny pig.

katurah and i loved gforce as kids . she liked it because it was about guinie pigs i liked it because the mole was a mole