"We could—” he started, then stopped, swallowed, and started again. “We could become parabatai.” 
He said it shyly, half-turning his face away from her, so that the shadows partially hid his expression. 
“Then they couldn’t separate us,” he added. “Not ever.” 
Emma felt her heart turn over. “Jules, being parabatai is a big deal,” she said. “It’s—it’s forever.” 
He looked at her, his face open and guileless. There was no trickery in Jules, no darkness. “Aren’t we forever?” he asked.

For My Love.

Loki sat on the floor, legs half crossed, as his closed eyes roamed wildly beneath their lids. His mouth barely moved as he muttered inaudiably to himself. His hands made motions through the air, complex yet smooth and unwavering. His heart began to quicken as he felt the magic leave him; his eyes fluttering open. His body began to glow a mild blue, casting strange shadows over the dimly lit room and bathing the ground in a cold light.


gya gyu med - w/o deceit, guileless [IW]

gya gyu med - guileless, unaffected, artless [RY]

sgyu ma med pa - free from guile, guileless [JV]

bcos min - 1) natural, sincere, uncontrived, guileless, unfabricated, unartificial, non-artificial. 2) real, true, genuine, pure, simple, authentic, bonafide [RY]

dang ba - lucid, limpid, transparent, lucidity, sincere faith, pure, clear, cleaned, sifted, sincere, single-hearted, guileless, interest [JV]

slu ba med pa - infallible, undeceiving, guilelessness [IW]

slu ba med pa - guilelessness, infallible, undeceiving [RY]

bslu ba med pa - guileless, not false, not deceptive [JV]

guileless-second said:

"Mikan! The school year's going great so far. I've already made friends with a screaming, pink haired boy!"

"I’m g-glad to hear you’re fitting in and t-that things are going well! I’ll be honest, I was worried about you at fi—wait…" 


"S-screaming pink haired b—..oh you mean S-Souda-san…?” 

(( guileless-second ))

#SuchIsTellywood #SuchIsRangeela #SuchIsTheirSorryFacesWhenKarmaBitesTheirAsses #SuchIsVaishExplodingInAnger

I sit here and wonder why I even bother to have faith in Indian TV, and it’s guileless scriptwriters.

People call Indians a stereotype : They say we’re all money-minded.

Well, RS and the script team truly champion the stereotype today. It’s TRPs, and logic-less script that made them destroy my Titli, and the way they’re going, they’re ruining the show.

#SuchIsLife? #SuchIsTellywood?

Yes, my hope that Myrah = Paro dwindles and rejuvenates everyday, but after seeing that SBS…it’s clear to me that Rudra has become a shadow of himself, a drunk animal who isn’t the soulmate of our Titli. For a show that was initially meant to symbolize Shiv-Parvati, I can’t say anything. I can’t.

God save me from Indian TV. God save me from saying farewell to SaNish. God help me when I pray Sanaya’s next PH gives her the respect, success and storytelling she deserves. God answer my prayers that Ashish gets his due and gets cast opposite Sanz for her next show. She and him are pure gold together. Please, please, Bholenath.

I literally can’t. Seething right now.