Prompt fill: Their daughter’s first date! AHH!!!!

“Are you really going to stay up waiting for her?” Oliver asks, leaning a hip on the doorframe and crossing his arms.

“No.” Connor lifts the remote to pause the TV and puts on his best guileless expression. “I just really want to finish this.”

Glancing at the TV, Oliver smiles and walks over to sit next to Connor on the couch. “Babe, it’s a House Hunters marathon.”

“But it’s the international version.” Connor flicks the battery door of the remote open and closed. “Have you seen the closets in Europe?”

Connor says nothing when Oliver gently reaches over to take the remote from his hands to turn off the TV and take Connor’s hand in his. Oliver’s tone is gentle and understanding when he says, “I don’t like it either.”

Connor squeezes Oliver’s hand. “When did she grow up?”

“I don’t know.”

“Remember when we brought her home?” Oliver just nods. “She was so little. Do you remember how little?”

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gya gyu med - w/o deceit, guileless [IW]

gya gyu med - guileless, unaffected, artless [RY]

sgyu ma med pa - free from guile, guileless [JV]

bcos min - 1) natural, sincere, uncontrived, guileless, unfabricated, unartificial, non-artificial. 2) real, true, genuine, pure, simple, authentic, bonafide [RY]

dang ba - lucid, limpid, transparent, lucidity, sincere faith, pure, clear, cleaned, sifted, sincere, single-hearted, guileless, interest [JV]

slu ba med pa - infallible, undeceiving, guilelessness [IW]

slu ba med pa - guilelessness, infallible, undeceiving [RY]

bslu ba med pa - guileless, not false, not deceptive [JV]

guileless-second replied to your post:-picks up from behind and spins around-

“I missed you!” He cried, hugging her close. He was…hovering off the ground slightly, but he made no move to loosen his grip. “Ariel, I missed you so much…!”

A happy giggle escaped her vents as slender servos reached around to gently pat his helm. “I - I missed you too, S-Star….” Silly mech, should could feel them both now above ground, though in the slightest of ways.

“P-Perhaps you can return me to the ground? S-So I can hug you p-properly, th-that is….”

It’s often the ‘guileless’ individuals who wind up with the most grim perspectives. At the point when their naive ideals are ruthlessly uncovered consistently, they come to comprehend the harshest parts of reality in the clearest way that could be available. At that point, they become nihilists, or pessimists. They make themselves bubbles, become more sound, seal away their emotions–to shield their feelings from the outside world and themselves from their feelings. They become resilient, without a doubt. However, not without emotional bashfulness and disdain. I know how this process functions… Also, these individuals are the ones that I can relate to best.

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☢☸—— The ship was always quiet at this point of the “day”. The bar was winding down, mech returning to their quarters, and the “night” shift starting as everyone else hit the hay. 

Nautica, however, always an overachiever, was just leaving her set of quarters and making her way to the rec room, datapads tucked under one arm. Just a minute or two into her walk, however, the femme turns the corner– just a couple feet away from the rec room’s entrance, and comes to a stop.

She didn’t know a lot of mechs personally on the ship, sure, but she always made an effort to at least know who they were. 

Even if that was achieved through a little backlog reading through the small database she’d recieved onboard the Vis Vitalis. This mech, however, didn’t match any description she had, well, except for Skyfire, yet even then the similarities were small. 

Hello?” She states quietly, not wanting to startle the mech– especially after staring for what had felt like ages. “Do you need some help?”