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Name Meanings

Someone on Facebook posted “type your name + is into Google and see what it comes up with.” So I did. I always do what I am told. It came back with “Is Kasia a Jewish name?” Anyway, I clicked on the baby name meanings website that Google returned as the first hit.

What does Kasia mean?

(Hebrew) cassia, cinnamon; (Old Greek) pure; torture; (Old Greek) the guileless one; thorny shrub.

I knew that Kasia meant pure, as that has provided entertainment in the past, but I had no idea about the other ones. I rather like that it means the guileless one. There was surely a huge oversight on my part when I was doing my Awful Word of the Day series – it sounds terrible, but actually means something pretty damn lovely.

I’m not sure how I feel about torture (though I am sure some ex-boyfriends, or ex-students for that matter, might be convinced this is accurate) or thorny shrub. I looked up cassia, which is a variant of Chinese cinnamon, but also can be used as a mild laxative. Nice.

What does your name mean?

For My Love.

Loki sat on the floor, legs half crossed, as his closed eyes roamed wildly beneath their lids. His mouth barely moved as he muttered inaudiably to himself. His hands made motions through the air, complex yet smooth and unwavering. His heart began to quicken as he felt the magic leave him; his eyes fluttering open. His body began to glow a mild blue, casting strange shadows over the dimly lit room and bathing the ground in a cold light.


gya gyu med - w/o deceit, guileless [IW]

gya gyu med - guileless, unaffected, artless [RY]

sgyu ma med pa - free from guile, guileless [JV]

bcos min - 1) natural, sincere, uncontrived, guileless, unfabricated, unartificial, non-artificial. 2) real, true, genuine, pure, simple, authentic, bonafide [RY]

dang ba - lucid, limpid, transparent, lucidity, sincere faith, pure, clear, cleaned, sifted, sincere, single-hearted, guileless, interest [JV]

slu ba med pa - infallible, undeceiving, guilelessness [IW]

slu ba med pa - guilelessness, infallible, undeceiving [RY]

bslu ba med pa - guileless, not false, not deceptive [JV]


"At first, Morevna had volunteers. People who wanted to protect their own as she did. She taught them, and they fought beside her to extract humans from the control of demons. And then—she began to make deals. She acquired a great deal of power over the years, a great deal of magic, and she would offer services or gifts in exchange for servitude. Some wanted power, some were afraid of death, some wanted loved ones protected.”

“Is it how she got you? Was there someone you needed to protect?” Her dark eyes were guileless, still wide, and saw far too much.

“Yes. There was—someone I cared for, someone I knew would die without otherworldly intervention. I prayed to God, but it was Morevna who answered. Mikhail Sergeivich Koltov, born in St. Petersburg 1879. Died in a snowy ditch 1918. I was the last Deathless she created. She’s gone now—leaving only to keep the rules she set.”

She made a small, distressed sound at the back of her throat. Her thumb swept over the curve of his bone, as if to soothe away an old ache he didn’t feel anymore. His fingers tightened over her wrist, and he was nearly surprised by his own reluctancy to release her.

the deathless, a novel in progress by llavelan


"Lu Meng… Your instinct to kill Guan Yu was not necessarily wrong. But you also need to learn to pull back when necessary and manipulate your enemies. You are too guileless. Although, your honesty has made you who you are.

Learn all you can every day. Support the future of Wu.

Yes, surpass me…. and even, one day, Master Zhou Yu.”

Lu Meng requested by carmenmcsdoubledemonfang

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I’ve been tagged by butterballbuttnaked
(Love the username)

If you could have any superpower (or combination of superpowers) what would it be and why?
-Telepathy & Empathy because it’d make life a whole lot easier and I like to know what people are thinking. Also, it’d be awesome to screw with my enemies’ minds…

Favoritest song ever?
-Humbling River by Puscfier

If you could cook anything, what would it be?
-Uh, Turkey? Like the ones during Thanksgiving dinner.

Due to a freak accident, you can only hear one sound for the rest of your life. What sound would that sound be?
-‘This is the song that gets on everybody’s nerves.’… Jk, I’d go insane. Um, bird song is always cool.

Think of all the movies you’ve seen. If you could go back and be the director, what movie would you go back to and what would you change? (Like, have a certain character do something different, or not kill someone)
-Oh they’re are so many movies I’d love to do this too as well as slap the director for even thinking about that in the series/movie. I’d have to say the new Superman movie, superman killing Zod just ruined it for me.

What future movie are you most looking forward to?
-Batman Vs Superman & Avengers: Age of Ultron

If you could have any one fictional character come to life, who would it be and why?
-Just one???!!! Alright, the Doctor because the universe needs more Gods wishing to be Human and there’s a tiny chance I could become a companion & travel the universe!

You can make friends with a celebrity, who would it be?
-Either Tom Hiddleston or Karl Urban

Favorite weather (rain, sun, tornadoes, volcano clouds)
-Volcano clouds, no doubt, especially with the lightening… Rain, I like rain.

If you could design your perfect house, regardless of cost, what would it look like?
-Bruce Wayne’s mansion mixed with Mount Vernon & Buckingham Palace!

If you were president of America (or whatever country you live in), what would you do during your term?
-Like congress would allow anything to pass, so I’d ride Air Force one and ask the attendant for ding-dongs.

Now for my questions. Ugh, these will suck, apology in advance!-

1. If you could live as anyone (fictional or IRL (dead or alive)) who would it be and why?

2. What is something someone has always told you you couldn’t do?

3. If you couldn’t enter and live in any novel ever wrote, which would it be and why?

4. What was the most disgusting thing you’ve ever eaten?

5. Does Batman beat Superman or vise versa, in your opinion?

6. Top three picks of who would be your transformer guardian, what are they?

7. How are you today?

8. “I like big butts and I cannot lie” What was your reaction to that statement?

9. Dream job?

10. Right? Left? Handed. Ambidextrous?

11. Favourite theme song?

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Neon Genesis Evangelion - You

This fic has been sitting around in my notes for ages because I hadn’t had the courage to post it up.

I still don’t have the courage but it’s never going to be finished at this rate so

Title: You

Fandom: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Pairing: Kaworu/ Shinji

Summary: In a world where he lives a completely ordinary life, Shinji meets an angel.

Also found here on AO3.

Word Count: 3,252

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