The finest sportsmen and women in the Army have been recognised at a glittering awards ceremony held in the historic Guildhall in the City of London. Recognition of Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games success was matched by awards for team of the year, officials, unsung heroes and rising stars, and a special lifetime achievement award.

General Sir Nicholas Carter, Chief of the General Staff, said: “Sport produces soldiers who build and lead teams by habit and reflex. It generates and maintains cohesion. It nurtures pride and that essential corollary - humility. It encourages leaders to think clearly, confidently and positively when under pressure. And fundamentally it feeds a winning culture and ethos that inspire hunger for success on the battlefield.”


From the Guildhall Library Instagram. These images are from Street Life in London, the bottom one showing popular starlet of the day, Mrs Edmonia Swift. This is a rare moment from when a paparazzi managed to snap a picture of her, somehow having discreetly assembled his camera without her noticing. It was still amazing technology for those paps who remembered the days of chasing stars to take daguerreotypes. 

Brussels, Belgium

The Virtue and Use of Coffee with regard to the Plague and other Infectious Distempers

Bradley said he could give up anytime he wanted, didn’t even like the taste. Then wrote this whole text in ten minutes after downing twelve cups before passing out in Mrs. Miggins’ pie shop. True story.

Note: Our legal team (Bob) would like me to make clear this is not a true story.