During the past beta weekend, I spent a lot of time just wandering around looking at things. Let’s be real, Guild Wars 2 is a beautiful game full of breathtaking sights:

I really loved seeing the tie-ins to Guild Wars 1. I know I’ve said this before but I’m just such a sucker for sequels bringing in aspects of the what came before, wrapping up all those loose ends, paying homage to it’s predecessor.

And that was very prevalent during walks around the game. We have Jora’s beautiful and imposing statue

We have a nod to Salma in the street rat quest

(lol Salma’s bloomers…man these thugs are the most scandalous thugs I have ever heard of in my life)

And finally I got to see the infamous Rurikton. Of course I had to capture this discovery

Seeing all of these names of old characters got me thinking…hey, with all these character names popping up, what are the chances of some hint of Evennia somewhere in Guild Wars 2? Maybe a statue somewhere, maybe a Evenniarocksyourbloomersoff Street, maybe a hint of her fate in one of the books from the book carts. They won’t tell me what happens to her in GW1, maybe I can sleuth about and discover her fate in GW2!

And so I searched. And searched and searched…and found nothing.


(I call this blingee Summer Pirate Evennia Barbie)

Evennia’s disappearance has been quoted as “part of something larger”. So far that ‘something larger’ is completely unseen*. I honestly have no idea what it could be at this point. So far she’s not involved in the Foefire stuff (at least to my knowledge), she hasn’t popped up in-game as a boss or a statue or a street name, there has been nothing in the lore to give the slightest hint about her. The devs have got her story on down on lock…if it is something larger and important, they are doing a good job of not telling us what it is at all.

I know a lot of people don’t care about Guild Wars Beyond- almost all the focus now is on Guild Wars 2 and experiencing something new and fresh. But I know I’m not the only one out there interested in GWB and seeing different stories explained and/or wrapped up: Evennia, Livia and the Scepter of Orr, seeing the creation of Ebonhawke, seeing Palawa Joko jokoing about…maybe it’s just the writer in me, but I can’t stand to see a story unfinished, especially one I have invested a good lot of time into. I really hope the story gets told.


*sorry but writing 'unseen’ made me think of the Mursaat and how there are supposed to be “some really cool plans” for them in GW2 oh man what if Evennia turns evil and takes Lazarus the Dire out on a date to the Krytan club and oops they have too much Krytan Brandy and get jiggy in Lion’s Arch and then they have evil Krytan Mursaat children who we have to kill or something ;jsdfklj plz hire me as a writer ArenaNet, I obviously have good ideas here!!!


the undead lord pawala joko defeated by the hero turai ossa.

turai would later attempt to ‘ascend’ and gain the blessing of the gods. he would ultimately fail though and forever wander the crystal desert as a ghost. he is later encountered in the prophecies campaign.

jokos defeat lead to his imprisonment. the player later frees joko as part of the nightfall campaign in order to defeat the forces of abaddon. it is heavily implied that his new freedom will result in dire consequences in a guild wars beyond update and Guild Wars 2.

azunara lupisdarkmoon akiralios kit-n-kamoodle primordus whOEVER ELSE

-whispers- my mel commission has been completed look at this beautiful lil lady


Last Evennia Watch Post of 2012

2012 is coming to a close without any new Evennia content in the Guild Wars Universe, which makes it a total flop year imo

I haven’t made an Evennia post in a few months because there has been NOTHING for me to report on. With every update I fully expect there to be something Evennia related and with every update I am bitterly disappointed and crawl into my bed and cry hot tears of anguished pain

Around the time of the Lost Shores, I was highly hopeful that Evennia would make an appearance in the form of an item tribute. Between ascended items and named exotics, plenty of characters from Guild Wars 1 are linked into Guild Wars 2. If a fucking rot wallow has an item set in GW2, surely someone that was actually relevant to the Guild Wars plotline would get an item named after them…right?

Apparently ArenaNet doesn’t agree…and so Evennia remains a mystery.

Heading into 2013 I plan on still holding on to the hope that something Evennia related will come out. At this point I will be happy with getting an Evennia named dagger with an ugly skin and horrible stats that will rot in my bank until the end of time, but I would prefer getting some delicious lore and plot updates that finish off the unsolved mysteries in Guild Wars Beyond. I won’t be demanding- I just want something that shows ArenaNet hasn’t forgotten about Evennia (and Livia. And Palawa Joko. And the Nameless Lich. And the Scepter of Orr.) (okay that’s being demanding lol)

tl;dr: arenanet sucks at Guild Wars Beyond also more Evennia always and forever


the battle for lions arch is the capstone event for the war in kryta mini-campaign. in this event you have to defend princess salma from increasingly stronger waves of white mantle and mursaat forces.

the battle feels like it can be cut into 4 phases. initially only human enemies spawn that focus on physical disciplines. the next phase starts to throw in more human spellcasters. the third phase is the first real turning point in difficulty as jade armors begin spawning, while still mixed in with human foes. the final waves consist only of jade armors, including special jade armor casters with extra defenses.

the jade armor spawns are important because you cannot raise undead corspses from them, so a minionmancer in your party will only get you past the easy wave and then become useless in the later waves. another important strategic element is that along the route to princess salma are a series of npc allies that will help you fight, however once they die, they do not respawn.

what i found best to do was to stand atop the first stairway. this position is advantageous because npcs stationed nearby will still help out in fighting but cannot be immediately targeted by your enemies.

the final wave contains 2 mursaat who despite being part of a dying race doomed by the flameseeker prophecies throw themselves into the meatgrinder instead of beating a retreat.


it appears all of keirans efforts – and by extension my efforts – are for naught because gwen doesnt seem to like keiran at all and thinks hes a nuisance. tough break there keiran.

it should be noted that the effort it takes to get all of keirans items is easily a longer grind than getting the required luxon/kurzick faction to continue the factions campaign.

however the factions cutscenes are horrible. its amazing to see how far arenanet has come when it comes to crafting pve content and cutscenes. they really get it.


in my last post i highlighted the news that captain langmar and keiran thackeray went missing, this news is followed up with another peice of the guild wars beyond content: hearts in the north.

the initial story plays out here where gwen learns of the horrible news, and then abuses her newfound powers of authority to send out a search party for keiran. since the player is present for this event, they have to be part of the search for keiran.

however, i didn’t really care too much to actually do the hearts in the north content until much much later.


in case you couldnt tell, im not a huge fan of prophecies, and southern shiverpeaks particularly. had to spend some time doing dailies to wash out all of the taste of doing awful missions out of my mouth.

by grinding war in kryta dailies you can get some gold and tokens to turn into an oppressor weapon eventually, which is more hom points. gotta get dat hom. its a bit nicer than standard mmo-dailies, since you can carry 3 at a time, so you can just log in and grab them every day and then every third or fourth day do the whole lot of them in one go when you can set the time aside to do it.

the frostmaws burrows pug i did was absolutely terrible and we barely passed it. i couldnt fulfill my role of being a tank/blocker well because i was receiving no healing support. on a related note, i dont think unyielding aura monks (or healers boon monks) are nearly as good as people think they are.

the bigger lesson i learned from all of this was to never pug difficult dailies on hard mode again. if the task looked like it would take any modicum of common sense and player ability to accomplish, it was better to do it on normal mode, with my heros.

i also found a black dye. pretty cool.


the term tsundere is a japanese word that is a combination of ‘tsun tsun’, to be cold hearted and terse with someone, and 'dere dere’, to be lovestruck with someone.

i explain this because it defines gwens actions during these series of events.

keiran, being the smooth operator that he is, sees right through this immediately and immediately applies a cold shoulder to give gwen some time to think about how she truly feels.

he does this by volunteering to fight against religious extremists in a far off land. to quote douglas adams: “10 points for style, but minus several million for good thinking”


still not hype at all about starting my luxon grind i started another peice of guild wars beyond, the war in kryta part.

since wik was actually free supplemental material, and i was raised on playing world of warcraft, i had the foregone conclusion that war in kryta would be a kind of lame and short thing to do that would eventually net me some monument points through opressor weapons.

little did i know that wik is dense enough to be its own campaign and actually has some interesting story arcs tied to it, which is why i didnt really bother to get as many screenshots of keiran and his efforts to woo gwen as i should have.

the premise is that keiran wants to get romantical with gwen – and who wouldnt?! – and plans to do so by throwing a birthday party picnic. in order to support this i need to supply him with candles, sweets, booze, and food.

funny story: while i actually bothered to get a drake kabob, the best ‘food’ item he wants to use, i didnt notice that i got a root in my inventory, which prompted his spiel about the merits of eating roots for food.


there is no real reward for doing zinns trial, as the real reward associated with zinn is doing the zinn’s task.

one of the more important things you can see in these shots is that im starting to finall settle down my action bar. one of the things i really like about guild wars is that even though there are obvious power picks and so called optimal builds, for most encounters you can just as easily craft your own build that works 90% as well and you are more comfortable playing with.


after defeating shiro in the sunijaang district the campaign splits into two questlines, and before you can get any further in either you have to pick either if you want to work with the kurzicks or the luxons. in order to do this you have to grind out a bunch of factions, and the quests only take you so far.

but this gets kind of boring so i instead went to do one of the nifty guild wars beyond things instead.

the trial of zinn is the easiest guild wars beyond to do, as its just a cutscene you have to watch after completing the asura portion of eye of the north. 


having finished all the major main campaigns, i set out to complete the war in kryta content so i could finally start purchasing oppressor weapons. up to this point in time the entire concept of the war in kryta for me was logging in every day to pick up a daily wanted mission in lions arch and then every ¾ days doing all of them in a quick burst.

compared to some of the treks you have to make to kill the daily targets, some of the war in kryta missions are pretty dull and not worth commenting on, and compared to some of the later guild wars beyond quests ive done so far, they seem rather unpolished.

in general i dont really care about salma or kryta: it’s a redneck kingdom built practically on forsaken swampland, whose royalty abandoned it when they charr hit the fan, and they cant even fight off a religious cult without help. however i do care that after having spent all that time fulfilling the flameseeker prophecies theres some mursaat left. time to rectify the oversight of them being alive.

lore wise im a bit confused as to how there could be mursaat remaining? i was told over and over again that me fulfilling the flameseeker prophecies was supposed to clean up this entire mess, but from what ive seen so far the white mantle and mursaat are still as much a threat as they were before i fulfilled the prophecy. in fact, if anything fulfilling the prophecy made the entire white mantle left in kryta jump up about 10 levels. this is friggen terrible!

Far Beyond the Galaxy: Ep 8

The three walked from Butcher’s Block, through the Wayfarer foothills without much of any incident. M’iaa seemed the most at home in the snow, letting the drifts bunch up between her claws (a fact not often discussed; Caitians do not like wearing footware, something Starfleet had tried to get changed but culturally it didn’t work).

“Reminds me of home,” she said with a wide grin. D’Magio looked over to her for a moment.

“I thought you were born on Earth.”

“I was,” M’iaa replied. “Winnipeg, Manitoba. Winters there are great. Wind can be a tad harsh. Andorians love it there, they say it’s like a summer vacation in January.”

Flintlock only shook her head as she listened. She kept them on track for over a mile until they ran into a familiar face. Another charr, heavily armoured, rather old looking, but carried himself in a dignified manner. He wore the familiar armour of the Durmond Priory. Grishnack Soulclaw, Priory Archavist, an old Iron Legion guardian who had seen his share of battle. Now his battle included information on how best to defeat the dragons.

“Flintlock Burnfur,” he called out as he approached the three. “Good to see you out and about. You Aunt tells me you’ve set up a home in Claypool.”

“That’s right, Archavist,” Flintlock said, using Grishnack’s formal title. “I have a small workshop out there, repairing pistols and rifles, and I do a lot of baking.”

“Just make sure you don’t confuse the two,” he replied with a chuckle. He looked toward the two traveling companions. “Who have you got here.”

“This is M’iaa,” Flintlock said as she motioned to the Caitian first. “And this is… S’Returru?” D’Magio nodded in reply. “They’re trying to get home, I offered to guide them to Rata Sum.” Grishnack nodded as he inspected the two with a cursory glance.

“You don’t seem too bothered that we aren’t like any species you’ve seen before,” M’iaa piped up.

“This is Tyria,” Grishnack said with a nod. “And I’ve lived a good number of years for a charr. I’ve stopped being surprised or shocked by seeing something new. Besides, the world of discovery is for the young. It’s just up to people like me to make sure it’s stored and cataloged.”

“Very progressive way of seeing things,” M’iaa replied.

Grishnack joined the three on their trek across the snow. This gave M’iaa and S’Returru a chance to ask questions; what are the charr like (when D’Magio heard strong and military minded, she perked up with excitment), how inventive they were, what this world was like. All questions that Grishnack said would be better off answered with a trip to the Priory library. Eventually, they came to the outskirts of Hoelbrak. For the two starship captains, the surrounding village looked simple, but inviting. It looked like a place they both could settle down in. Although, they did also take note of the gigantic size of the Norn. It would be one of the first times D’Magio truly felt dwarfed by another species.

“We’ll spend the night here,” Flintlock said as she motioned to one of the lodges. “We can get supplies for the journey to Rata Sum, then head through the gateway to Lion’s Arch.” Both captains agreed with a nod. Hopefully, while they worked on finding a way back on this side of the universe, someone on the other side was looking for a way to open a gateway for them.

Admiral S’Rassi walked briskly through the doors into cargo bay two. Her team, along with the science and engineering teams of the Ocelot and Panthera were working on setting up the recently acquired Iconanian gateway. The operation was not only by the book, it was precise and fast. Just the way S’Rassi had been known for. As she watched the crews, often reading over data results and offering some advice, she tapped her communications badge.

“S’Rassi to bridge,” she said in her usual calm voice. “Patch me through to the Ocelot and the Panthera.” Her operations officer complied and soon the voice of F’aat and S’Ril spoke up. “Aim all weapons on the Borg vessel and destroy it. We have what we need. We’ll then set a course for New Romulus. Our three ships can orbit the fifth planet of the system while we attempt to get this gateway powered. Once we’re in orbit, F’aat, S’Ril, I want you over here. S’Rassi out.” One way or another, she’d get her daughter back and her niece.