When they ask of you.

When they ask me if i miss you
Ill reply;
Like the wolf misses the moon.
I’ll scream from the mountains every night,
If it means I’ll see you soon.

When they ask me if i adore you
I’ll reply;
Like the flowers adore the sun.
I’ll follow you to the ends of the earth,
If i can hold you when you’re done.

When they ask me if i love you,
I’ll reply
Like the waves love the sand.
I’ll place kiss after kiss upon your shores
If you’ll only take my hand.

When they ask me if i trust you,
I’ll reply
Like the sailors trust the stars.
I’ll let you guide me blindly home,
To a life that we call ours.

When they ask about our future,
I’ll smile and then reply
Like an unread book
Excitement builds
As the pages trickle by.

Charlotte Baxter
A poem for me love.

E mesmo se eu guardasse todo meu amor no bolso para ouvir o orgulho, ele daria um jeito de fugir dali e falar mais alto. Ou o contrário. É difícil ter certeza de alguma coisa quando se trata de você.
—  A culpa é mesmo das estrelas? 
|| Guide me home.

Mary gasped when lady appeared. At first, her instinct was to cry. She missed her so much… She hadn’t lived since lady left. “Oh lady… You look beautiful. Stunning… My queen…” Mary got down on her knees. There was just a tiny bit of agony in her tiny moan as she bowed and grabbed lady’s ankle.

"I made the nursery… For my children. Tell me that you didn’t give them away. They’re mine… I made a nursery." She looked up. "Please bring them to me."

There was panic in her eyes as she got up and sat in the rocking chair in the corner. “I’ll go mad if I don’t have them…” She looked at the toys and books and all the things she had purchased. “You won’t have to stay. I’ll take them and you can go. Take your ring.”

Neven's 9x18 Review - "Metafiction, a meta writer's dream"

Metafiction, also known as romantic irony in the context of Romantic works of literature, uses self-reference to draw attention to itself as a work of art, while exposing the “truth” of a story. “Metafiction” is the literary term describing fictional writing that self-consciously and systematically draws attention to its status as an artifact in posing questions about the relationship between fiction and reality, usually using irony and self-reflection. It can be compared to presentational theatre, which does not let the audience forget it is viewing a play; metafiction does not let the reader forget he or she is viewing a fictional work.

Our eighteenth episode saw Robbie Thompson (writer) and Thomas Wright (director) reunited in what can only be described as the most meta episode of anything I’ve ever seen (okay… maybe Spaceballs still has this beat). This episode dealt with several aspects within the metafiction genre:

  • A story about a writer creating a story (Metatron writing Supernatural fanfic)
  • A story about a reader reading a book (or in this case, Cas listening to Metatron tell a story)
  • A story that features itself (as a narrative or as a physical object) as its own prop (the Supernatural books which are based on “real life” Dean and Sam within the show)
  • A story containing another work of fiction within itself (see every pop culture reference Supernatural uses)
  • A story addressing the specific conventions of story, such as title, character conventions, paragraphing or plots (Thompson uses retcon and talks about continuity errors)
  • A novel where the narrator intentionally exposes him or herself as the author of the story (see our opening teaser)
  • A story in which the characters are aware that they are in a story (I’m just gonna laugh at this one)

As we can see, Robbie Thompson has single-handedly incorporated nearly every derivative of metafiction (note: this is not the same as “meta” that a fandom writes) in his episode of the same title in a clear nod to the fans that tear Supernatural apart. Never before has an episode demanded me to review it… So let me begin.

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I need you to be… our lighthouse. Serah will need some sort of beacon to help find her way back here, right? That’ll be you. And when you see her… don’t forget that smile.

Guide me Home, a Modern Woobie!Rum Fic

Summary: Homeless and alone Rumford Gold has few joys in life. His only light in the darkness is a kind stranger, Belle, who gives him food and fleeting smiles. When a chance to turn his life around appears he hesitantly takes it, believing nothing will really come out of it. For once in his life, however, fate would take pity on him.

Rating: NC-17.

Acknowledgements: I wanna thank Pamplemice for her awesome title and Scarletclarinet (Stark) for all her help Beta-reading the first part of this fic.

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Hold him tight, and don't ever let go<3

i really love possessive Louis, i love him letting people know that Harry is his and only his

i love the way he holds him, it’s so tender

holding him tight enough lou? pulling him close enough lou? making him happy enough lou?

Every ship needs it’s compass…<3

y o u   make it   h a r d   to
                  S    M    I    L    E

because   y o u   make  it     h a r d 
                                                  E .

got progress reports today.  lets just say they werent up to par. to any normal person they would see them and move their butt into gear. but i just looked at them and thought that i should do that.  but i just sat there thinking that it doesnt really matter.  nothing really matters to me anymore.  i dont care that my high school carer is going down the tubes.  i dont know why i dont care anymore.  i dont know why i dont want to do anything about it.  i dont know why i didnt think about them all day.  and i dont know why i was thinking about how i dont care so hard.  maybe because a part of me still does but it’s being out weighed by the silence that has consumed my brain.  

anyways. tomorrow is national self harm day.  and i dont know why but that just puts me in the mood to cut myself more.  like why not.  i see myself now doing it and its just getting me so excited.  weird  i know but whatcha gunna do. lmao. oh and the visions of everything being knifes are back. i never can seem to get away from them.  like dont think its normal to have these. well not have them for at least eight years but whateves. lol 

there is something else on my mind.  but like its awkward cause i know im just being weird and stuff. so yeah gunna keep it to myself. LOL

so ill just sit here and listen to He Is We for the rest of the day.  then ill go on with my nightly routine. maybe do some homework. but that is out in my car so not really. think of some life decisions.  :) 

thanks for listening…or reading shall i say.