My favorite Sebaciel video.  This should have so many more views, so I am sharing it.  I watch this so much I think half the hits are probably me.  2:28… right in the feels.  Guh.

I would trade my soul for an 18+ Sebastian roleplay partner.


There was passion and comfort and need and joy, there was a strength that knew no boundaries, a sense of kindred souls made one, and that whole being far, far greater than the sum of its parts.

– X-Men 2 Novelization, Chris Claremont

sapphire-waterfall asked:

Why do I find Ten so attractive in the orange spacesuit, like in TIP/TSP and The Waters of Mars? I mean, have you looked at him closely? Hot damn!

Hahahaha, I was commenting on this in one of the many queues at Philly Con and how it’s like Pavlov’s dogs: I start salivating at any sight of that suit. 

Now, it could be the incredible shippy moments that happen in the suit:

Or perhaps the knicker-disintegrating powers of the Time Lord Victorious declaring his utter supremacy while wearing it:

But then you consider the sheer eh of anyone else in that suit:

I think we just have to conclude that it’s the man inside.


You know, they never did specify who “He” was in “Not what HE Seems” or even which Stan wasn’t who he seemed to be.

Could have been Stanley OR Stanford.

That said your idea is horrifying and I hope it doesn’t come to pass because HOW DARE YOU THINK THAT THOUGHT.

For the reference benefit of everyone else, click here.

Exo Reactions To Their Girlfriend Teasing Them About Their English

Their reactions to their English-speaking girlfriend making fun of their pronunciation 


Baekhyun: *after you tease him* “I thought I did good…”

“Oh well, we’ll just have to spend more time practicing tonight.”

Chanyeol: “Y/N, I think you need your ears checked, it sounded perfect to me.”


“Guh, I can’t exprain wut I feer”

You: *starts laughing uncontrollably*

Chen: “Bitch, don’t even get me started on your Korean…”

D.O.: *hides himself in shame*

Kai: “English is too hard. There are too many words. I’m hungry.”

Kris: “Oh please, you know my English is flawless~” 

Lay: *listens to you teasing but doesn't know why*

Luhan: “Okay, then.” *walks away*

Sehun: “That just means you suck as a teacher so…” 

Suho: “I didn’t say anything bad, did I?” *blushes*

Tao: *pouts & doesn't talk for the rest of the day*

Xiumin: “Oh well, good thing I’m Korean & it doesn't matter* 

If you have a request for a reaction, feel free to let me know. xo