Announcing the incredible Euclase​ as a guest of DestielCon 2015!

Euclase is known for her hyper-realistic portrayals of all of our favorite characters. They are so stunning that it is not uncommon for people to be surprised to learn they are looking at a digital painting and not a picture. She is a true gift to our community and we are so excited she’ll be joining us in Cincinnati!

Euclase will be participating on our artistic and crafting panels, and probably more, so there will be plenty of opportunities to meet her and praise worship say hi.

You can find her and her art on DeviantArt and Tumblr.

And if you want the chance to doodle with Euclase, don’t forget to register!


Announcing the wonderful Consulting-Cannibal as a guest of DestielCon 2015!

consulting-cannibal is known for her witty, insightful, and humorous comics and beautiful art. We are so excited she’ll be joining us in Cincinnati! Scout will be participating all weekend, so there will be plenty of opportunities to meet her and say hi.

You can find her and her art here.

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ZIGZAG@Tiny - Naga Neko

Hello and welcome on this avatar review ! I’m gonna show you a cute and unique avatar, the Naga Neko.


- Price : 399L$

- MP link

- No gender

- Copy, Modify, No transfer, with full perm texture.


Here are some photos of the avatar directly out of the box.

The avatar comes with a full AO, two shapes and a bonus box.

There are also unrigged hairs with, that fit the head perfectly and goes with the body’s colors. The ‘feet’ and ‘hands’ are unrigged as well and can be tinted fully. Only the ears can’t be removed from the body.

A small unrigged flexi tail between these big hips add a cute touch.

After, there is a bonus box, that contain all the others colors for hairs and full perm textures for the body. Also the original shape is in.

Here is the tall shape. The original and tall shapes are almost the same.


Well, you can’t do much with it, beside adding some accessories and doing a custom mod for it. The textures don’t have any shades, but it goes with the toony look. Sadly, no shadow maps or uv maps for customisation, so you have to play with a base texture for modding.

Here is what I’ve done with :

I redid a full texture, erased the ears and some parts of the arms. Put some accessories, new hair, new arms and legs and new ears and tail.


It’s really a pleasure to see an avatar this unique <3 At this price, with some texture clothes in the creator’s shop (two free !) and a fully mod one.

After it’s a partial mesh avatar, so you can’t put normal clothes on. No facial expressions, no blinking or talking jaw, so no HUD with, just the AO. After, any aos can be used even if the avatar is small.

But this avatar is really well made :D. Greatly rigged and for this price it’s really nice <3


Photo gallery

Wandering around the @megaconvention floor and setting up my guest signing table in the star signing area. In case you can’t find me, I’m right across from Cary Elwes. ;)
Awesome Batman shirt by @superherostuff !!!

Signing times:
Friday 12-2, 3-6
Sat 10-1, 3-6
Sun 10-3

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June 23 to July 9 @brownpeanut will be #guest spotting with us from #Canada. Email brownpeanuttattoo@gmail.com to schedule an appointment. #rhino #vancouver #mapleleaf #monkey #geometry #geometric #tattoo #guestartist #blackwork #stipple #guestspot #tattoo #tattoos #vegan #brooklyn #Williamsburg #ny #bushwick #gristletattoo #brownpeanut

(at Gristle Tattoo+Art Gallery)


My Wednesday hiking buddies, Blaze and Nash. We saw herons, ducks, geese, loons, and watched a deer swim into the lake. The meadowlarks were singing. In spots the trail was covered with fallen flower petals from the blooming trees.