Poems by Guesst

The following poems were written by Guesst in the KiliChat, I promised he/she that I would share them all with you.


Oranges oranges

Sweet juicy oranges

Guesst is not oranges

Oranges is Kili oranges


Splashy eat fishy

Splashy why

Why are you eat fishy

Splashy, you are lovely


Splashy splashy

Tinychat it’s splahsy

She is the best splashy

She its fishy

Splashy splashy


Kili Kili

He is Kili

Kilis silence

Kili Fili


She I think

He is dwarf

Nope nope gollum

There are no she dwarf


akinator.com, The Web Genie

The website that got my friends and I screaming after the first day of our first periodical exam. How it works:

1. Think of a character. Male or female, fictional or not, celebrity or government official -  whatever. Just think of a person. You can even include yourself.

2. After deciding on your character, once you click on the “Start” button, the website will ask you a series of questions and you just have to answer them with a “Yes”, “No”, “Probably” or “Don’t Know”.

3. Then comes the time when the website guesses you character.

At the time, we were hanging out at the SSG office looking for suitable costumes for our play in English I guesst we all got bored of Google and then a friend of mine opened the site. It was really silly because for our first few tries, akinator really guessed our character correctly. We tried Coco Martin, Julia Baretto, Maleficent, Troye Sivan and yes the answers were correct. At this point when we were screaming at how creepy and awesome it was at the same time, we were devising theories on how the website does it. A few of our theories are: the site uses the laptops microphone and it can hear whatever we were saying (we tried leaving the room to discuss who our character will be), the site uses the webcam and lastly, it has a wide database and lastly, it is just plain awesome. 

Because the website always guesses our character, we had made it a goal to prove the website wrong and guess what, we have done it three times! :D