Poems by Guesst

The following poems were written by Guesst in the KiliChat, I promised he/she that I would share them all with you.


Oranges oranges

Sweet juicy oranges

Guesst is not oranges

Oranges is Kili oranges


Splashy eat fishy

Splashy why

Why are you eat fishy

Splashy, you are lovely


Splashy splashy

Tinychat it’s splahsy

She is the best splashy

She its fishy

Splashy splashy


Kili Kili

He is Kili

Kilis silence

Kili Fili


She I think

He is dwarf

Nope nope gollum

There are no she dwarf

cooltimehorse asked:

He began to take a few slurps of his soup before getting a few bites of his baguette. "You'll be up after her, so don't go too far now~"

“I won’t be far, resst assured. In fact, I think it’ss my turn with our lesss friendly guesst next. Once Mercy get’ss here, I’ll be jusst down the hall.” He smirked a bit, but it was going to be a few minutes before his replacement got there. At the moment he could only watch the pony eat.