Android ROM Uploads Are Back Up!

Android ROM Uploads Are Back Up!

Fresh Builds Have Been Posted!!!

Not too long ago… after finishing my builds, and some work that I was doing on them… I checked my account and their upload server has been replaced finally, so SFTP is back in session, so that I can push all of my builds to them in only about 1 minute each!!!

I just checked back, to see what the download numbers were, and the D802 variant (Most Popular or common) still shows less than 10 downloads, where it will sometimes show into the hundreds, so I guess you all have not checked this evening.

Anyway, I wanted to let you all know that the builds are there, and I am still working, as always. I’ve been working on quite a few things including the LGL22 SIM, which is still not fixed, but I’m finding out a lot more information about why it is not. Also, I’m aware and beginning work on the L22 camera inversion as well.

I’ve also been working to find a way to improve on the Double Tap To Wake and Double Tap To Sleep codes. Another thing that I have started working on while I couldn’t upload builds is the Stock Kernels that I want to use. Especially the L22 kernel which will hopefully fix the SIM card issue, but also the DT2W & DT2S for all variants.

I also plan to start building for the LG G3 variants soon. I just need to get comfortable with my phone before I take the $400 phone and turn it into a paper weight. Now that I am getting comfortable with it, having brought it back to Stock many times now, rooted it many time, and added my bumped PhilZ Touch CWM Recovery, I should be ready to flash a custom ROM build. Once that happens, it will be official. I’ll be building and working on both devices.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know that there are builds ready to be downloaded, and also what I am up to. And for those of you who thought that I was just being lazy… nope I couldn’t upload builds!!!

Today is May 26th, and as you all know I have to pay $130 by the 1st of the month in order to keep this server running. Github grabbed the $10 that I had, for my premium account… so I have a big fat 0 (ZERO). So any help that any of you can give is going to be very helpful. Directions are located on the Donations Page.

Thank you all for your dedication and support!!! Without you all my builds, and all that I do would not be possible! Thank you!!!

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