My little digital star grimoire project with 49 sigilized stars is finished & ready for various usage in occult work.

It’s a free download :

(ebook)  - (ebook + extra sigil package) - (ebook)

This is just a last shout-out to those interested who maybe didn’t see the release post. Anyways, from tomorrow I’m back to writing regular posts and guess what, this blogs birthday is coming near (2nd year!). Time to get this chaos startin’ !

all the best, chaotically


anonymous asked:

That sucks, I may not be much help for the sad but hopefully I can help with the lonely, at least a little. What are you up to at the moment? (and a slightly more 'out there' question) What would your dream home be like and where would it be?

I’m guessing you just accidentally sent this on anon??

I just finished re downloading all of my music, and now im putting all of my CDs on itunes because I got a new computer today

That’s a really tough question for me wow. I’m torn between a big modern mansion, a nice little apartment in the city, a cosy cottage in a forest/in the countryside, and a big 1800’s princess mansion