rainbowninjapandabears asked:

Guess my sign? I'm very bubbly and straightforward, but i have anxiety, so i do get nervous quite often. it doesnt usually hold me back, though. im also emotional at times. i can go from being happy, and then five minutes later, im hysterically crying. i have a passion for singing, reading and writing, and i sort of like math. i can also tend to be obsessive. i have to listen to music for at least an hour a day or else i can't function, and i love all animals. what sign am i?

Gemini, also reminds me of a Gemini/cancer cusps, and maybe a Pisces/Aries cusps :o

moon-ston3 asked:

Guess my sign - On the exterior i am so calm and collected. I'm a sarcastic pessimistic and i love everything to be in my control. I calculate almost all my situations, although i look like im soooo relaxed on the inside im having 794399 meltdowns and plotting how to end the world. I am an all or nothing person, if i'm not in it i aint doing a thang. buuuuutt i love with all my heart.

Sounds so much like a Capricorn or Scorpio!! Maybe another earth or water sign, I’m thinking Taurus.

002x asked:

Guess my sign :3 Im an introvert, but I have a desire to be able to talk in front of large groups Im pretty funny, but can be serious Im in love with art like painting, sculpting, etc Im sleep deprived and internet obsessed

Scorpio, Pisces, cancer, and totally cheating and I’m gonna say kind of feeling Leo.

lahmageddon asked:

Guess my sign: I am very good at reading people's emotions and noticing little indicators of how they feel. I'm quite sensitive and tend to defend everything I say out of bad habit. I've been told I am great at giving advice, but I always run from my own problems and hate any form of confrontation. I also tend to enjoy to make up crazy unrealistic situations in my head and love a good debate :)

Libra, Pisces, and tied between cancer and Virgo but I say Virgo.