guayasamins replied to your postlol ppl do history memes

academic memes in general embarrass me sooo so much everytime i see one ihave to bury myself in my bed for like 20 mins b4 i can come back out again

lmao bobby thats terrible but yeah i agree abt second hand embarrassment ppl can be so lame n not even self-aware abt it?? i just cant believe someone thought this wud be cool or a challenge lol

guayasamins replied to your postand i have so much to read so much omg im so…

i h8 that u cant escape ~canonical~ sh*t in academia bc like everything is so built on it like im doing a paper on cuban art rn n in all the sources the 1st thing thats mentioned is the euro artists the work is similar 2

lmao yeah same problem here and i hate how you have to be tlike tested on all of the classics i could care less about, the gre’s etc., like i guess i need to know some classics so i can better contextualize and present my work etc. as well like you have to be aware obviously but i would rather read something i want to read then be expected to read and know bunch of works i don’t have time + energy for lol

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8, 9 , 48

8) A movie that reminds you of your mom.

Khoon Bhaari Maang b/c she is a tru connoisseur of Rekha-starrer woman revenge b-films and i think we just rewatched it last night for the 100th time

9) A movie that reminds you of your dad.

Bhavni Bhavai , Ankur, Sadgati and also Jabbar Patel’s biopic Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar b/c he cried a lot during them and it felt good to share those films that had otherwise maybe been inaccessible to him back then and see sincere stories about caste & Dalits on-screen so many years later.

48) A movie that took you a couple of viewings to appreciate.

Glauber Rocha’s The Age of the Earth ! and also Mizoguchi’s The Story of the Last Chrysanthemum! Not that I didn’t like them at first but god the second rewatch changed my life.

guayasamins said: its NOT ur fault!! and tbh if anyone is going to try to police things as basic as ur voice or the way you move ur body to make themselves more comfortable then BYE 2 them tbh!!

yeah I always try and keep that kind of mindset but I don’t think I’m fully there yet, I have a lot of really homophobic and overall shitty people [not even family, like random friends] in my life and i always feel like i need to re-invent myself for each person but need to stop obviously <444

guayasamins replied to your post: Most of my classmates (or the departments im in)…

i go to a small white people school and ive been the only latino male in almost all of my classes. i get what you mean about being the voice but its intimidating sometimes tbh

YEAHHH (I was joking like I don’t like the focus or attention all that much when it comes to actual work and research my professor wants me to do, like oh since you're Pakistani/Muslim do this and do that!!!). And I often just find myself defending my culture/religion to the point that I become “that guy” in the class who always has something negative to say, it’s annoying.

Like 3 professors approached me recently about taking their classes because they want my perspective which sort of bothers me but then again i don’t want anyone else (non-south asian/muslims) to like talk about my culture/religion as if they know it you know yeah this was long sorry

guayasamins replied to your postpeople who are at that “i gotta dress well to go…

this is how ive always been idt its a phase 4 me :/ i was even rly persnickety abt my appearance as a lil’ niño

omg i’m the same in the sense that i dress well like idk naturally i’m like that but i moved away from dressing for others like i dress for myself and with my distinct ~style~ etc. so more freedom 

guayasamins replied to your post: thank u all 4 listening 2 me yeah but ik u…
ily (lots)

ily bobby!!!! even more than lots, more than parking lots even!! like if i understood the metric system i would try to measure it 4 u