"This coach is unique, especially because of how he’s conveyed his football philosophy and how he’s put it into practice" - Victor Valdes

"When he was a player, it was clear he would be a great coach. He already leaded the team on the pitch. Once, in a game against Atletico Madrid, he changed our positions on the pitch after each tactical variation of the opponent without talking to the coach" - Carles Puyol

"Sometimes he talked with great self-considence, "We’ll score four goals". I thought "Jeez, they are Bayern Munich!" And finally we scored four goals" - Xavi

Thanks for the victories, happy emotions and you in Barcelona
Happy birthday!


My favorite player and coach: Xavi and Pep Guardiola

Xavi: "Guardiola - fantastic tactician, able to motivate team. With his help, I learned a lot <…>

I remember a personal talk after Euro 2008. There were rumors about my departure and I asked him if he would count me in. He told me that couldn’t imagine the team without me and that got me very excited <…>

Pep - is a leader who everybody follows. He’s also respectful, and has values. He’s an example to follow and that thing reaches people.”


"Quiero mostrar mis condolencias a su padre, Joaquim, la madre, Maria Rosa, su mujer, Montse, la hija Carlota, el hijo Adrià. Mis condolencias de parte de mis padres, de mi familia, de mis hermanos. Eramos muy jóvenes. Nos queríamos comer el mundo y nos lo comimos. Solo puedo decir que la tristeza que siento me acompañará toda la vida, para siempre. Hemos pasado por muchas cosas juntos, perdimos juntos, ganamos juntos. Es una situación difícil ",

Pep Guardiola.