Although many dragons will enjoy a little chalice of rum, wine, tequila or sake during celebrations, the after effects of binge drinking vary according to breed size and abilities. A wobbling Fae or Pearlcatcher is harmless and unable to concentrate enough to cast magic; but an intoxicated Imperial or Guardian is a (barely) walking catastrophe. The next morning’s hangovers see a complete reversal when the large breeds can only groan into the dirt and cranky mages make everything explode.


My Sylvari characters.

From the top;

Vitiae - Ranger, level 80.

Ecnamorcen - Necromancer, level 80.

Carica Cinerea - Warrior, level 80.

Lavirah - Guardian, level 32.

Bhaerys Junae - Thief, level 10.

Nerium Kalmia - Elementalist, level 2.

Vhiseraya Mahisa - Engineer, level 2.

Rivaera Kelia - Mesmer, level 23.

Roxane Gay: There will always be another leak, because there is always curiosity in the bodies of nude celebrity women. There is always danger in being an Other.

I think Roxane Gay says it best.

My goodness, Alikara, when did you get so cool?

Alikara was the only dragon I kept out of my first clutch. Did I mention my first clutch was a 5 egg one? I remember my friend (who introduced me to the website) was like “Uh… are you sure? 5 eggs is super rare…” And something I only noticed recently… Alikara is an XYY! Lavendar/Violet/Violet. My first clutch was a really good one!

Anyways! Here’s what my gal is wearing (In the order she’s wearing it, for layering purposes):

Shadowscale Shoulder Guards
Black Tulip Flower Crown
Shadowscale Helmet
Shadowscale Wing Guard
Purple Birdskull Wingpiece
Shadowscale Gauntlets
Shadowscale Chest Guard
Shadowscale Greaves
Shadowscale Tail Guard
Black Tulip Lei

Arcane Warrior Skin (2013 Starfall Celebration)