Couple of sketches for Ziza’s armour design. Have I mentioned I’m really bad at drawing armour? In any case, I tried to keep it sort-of close to in-game designs with some of my own flair added to the mix. Next time I want to do armour designs I think I will take the speedpainting route instead, because colouring and shading like this gets really painful after a short while. :/

On the trail of the first dogs to put their paws in the Americas

"Humans began migrating to the Americas roughly 15,000 to 20,000 years ago. But domesticated canines likely didn’t show up on American continents until 10,000 years ago, long after humans first arrived, according to a new analysis of ancient dog DNA by University of Illinois researchers. Their findings were published in the Journal of Human Evolution.”

Read more from the guardian.

Ever wonder if a child made the shirt you’re wearing?

The ILO estimates there are 170 million child laborers worldwide, many in the textile industry. Labor traffickers target children because their size and small hands allow them to pick cotton, sew buttons, and perform other menial tasks more easily than adults.

READ this factsheet and DISCOVER how many slaves are working for you at slaveryfootprint.org.


Abelas Tarot card - finished!

Chosen Tarot theme; Wheel of Fortune.

The card symbolizes Fate and Destiny with wisdom behind if you are able to understand its meaning. Life goes in a cycle; each beginning leads to an end but each end leads to a beginning. Also Fate is a very open “option” there is no fix Fate to a person, Fate is depends which side you are standing at the Wheel and it implies that you are able to forge your own Fate - if you are able to see behind the “mechanism”.

The flower is a yellow Zinnia which represent “Remembrance” - a symbolical blood suppose to give impression that remembering for something for so long alone beside being a burden should be shared. 

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"We Shall Not Meet Again"

Inspired and dedicated to this touching story from Abelas. More. Abelas. Fanart. Shotmepleasethx :’D

You have no idea how much effort I placed in the face to make it look like him from this impossible angle. I want to believe it looks like him, don’t ruin my hopes and be gentle, thank you ;D