King Of Guardians, God of Chaos by Herobrineing

"Minecraft’s God of Chaos, and King of Guardians"

Now you’re probably thinking;


Well this was info I had from y’all. something that happened by accident in a privet rp on Skype
Afterwords I descoverd why and how He would be the king of the guardians;

Allow me to explain why the guardians began to protect Brineary. if you compare Brineary to a sea lantern, i noticed it has the same colours, His eyes has the similar effect. white with blue rings. there’s faint blue rings that pulsate in the lamp. Brineary’s eyes looks like the lamps, it tricks the guardians thinking otherwise. and thusly saw him as something higher. and protects him like they do with their lanterns.

Brineary had Adored such a creature ever since He first laied eyes on them. He now has his own tempel full of them. His real templ in the overworld is out in the ocean blue and stands on top of a tower full of traps.

one of the things The Guardians had taught was that they helped him Create mist to help give him the cutting edge in battles. Temporarily blinding his foes in a deep dense fog. due to the fact Brineary uses “magic” and tactics rather than blunt brute force. When he factually strikes, He’s going for the killing blow.

There’s a few Headcannons [things i haven’t decided to make cannon yet] which I think I’ll keep for my self for the time being.


There was once a campaign for good limericks
The founders of the Omnificent English Dictionary in Limerick Form are seeking a limerick for each meaning of every word in the English language by 2043. Have long have you got?

Thanks to Neil Gaiman for pointing me towards this site, where I have whiled away much of the morning. Well, how could I not? Its the OEDILF (the Omnificent English Dictionary in Limerick Form), and its currently looking for submissions on words beginning with the letters Aa- through Fo.

Our goal is to write at least one limerick for each meaning of each and every word in the English language, say its founders. Our best limericks will clearly define their words in a humorous or interesting way, although some may provide more entertainment than definition, or vice versa.

Here we have a concise demonstration
Of unnecessary versification,
Just written to mock
This project: its floc-

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from Network Front | The Guardian
- Bonsoni

Two huge gw2 fans met at Connichi 2014 in Kassel (germany) this month :D
I love how cosplaying from the same game can connect strangers so fast :3 We just saw each other, adored our weapons and had a great time !

Heavy t3 Norn armor with Cof Greatsword:
Primitive armor with Pact Quarterstaff (also Norn):
Picture taken by:

Whereas internet traffic was once broadly distributed across thousands of companies,” he told the subcommittee, “we found that by 2009 half of all internet traffic originated in less than 150 large content and content-distribution companies. By May of 2014, this number had dropped by a factor of five. Today, just 30 companies, including Netflix and Google, contribute on average more than one half of all internet traffic in the United States during prime-time hours.
—  Quote from guardian article, “Couch potatoes have killed the internet dream” [Link]