I’ve just launched a new spinoff blog to Guardian, Sidequests! Here I’ll be featuring illustrated short fics set in the Guardian canon. They’re called Sidequests because they’ll be spotlighting events, scenes, or characters that maybe aren’t the focus of the main comic. To start off, there’s a little story about Lady Ginnem and tiny, grumpy Lulu already there.

I’ll be doing more of these in the future, so if you want to read some additional backstory moments on the world of Guardian or if you just want to see what this picture of Shiva was for, you can find them on guardian-sidequests! :)

Something I did for funsies to pass the time! All my characters. Sooo left to right: Sylvari Ranger - Birch Redshade, Asura Necro - Kuolema Kenki, Charrdian - Mlg Fruit Cup, Human Teef - Stole Ur Sweetroll, Human Guard - Vaughn Never Stops, Human Warrior - I Dont Sleep A Lot, Human Ele - Kohaku Ryuu, Norn Mesmer - Deirdre Lusine, and lastly Asura Engi - Moxxi Shortfuse

The Steel Crest Clan head family. :3 Bit of a work in progress still, obviously. Sataareth and Asala, then from left to right: Ashaad, AsaaTareth, Talan and Katari. Sataareth’s Shale Thresher’s lurking in the back. I think I’m gonna fit in Asala’s recent twins in here somewhere. Do not use pls. <3