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Koumei stumbled toward Alibaba after having way too many drinks. He crashed into the blond and put one arm around his shoulder. He took Alibaba’s chin in his other hand and turned his head to face his own.


"Want to take this somewhere else, Alibaba~?"
He started giggling like a schoolgirl and his breath reeked of alcohol.

mei-yoo said:

Hey Nibs.. was wondering if your watching mix and match? what are your thoughts so far? ^^

Heyy, sorry about late reply!! I finished watching ep 2 just now haha..
Umm regarding Jinhyung and Chanwoo, it’s kinda clear they’ve just begun training.. the difference between them and the other 6 is really visible in terms of experience. They kinda remind me of Donghyuk and Yunhyeong near the beginning of WIN when their abilities weren’t as strong as the others yet. But holy shit can I just say how much DH and YH have improved?????? They’ve gotten sooooo much better ;~; I got emotional listening to them sing in the higher octaves. June was already really good and he’s gotten even better too ;;;; Jinhwan’s voice has gotten stronger too /cries. And obviously Bobby and Hanbin are amazing with their rapping~~
The thing I don’t get is how the the reason June, Yoyo and DongDong aren’t confirmed members (especially June) is because they haven’t trained as long as the other three yet YG brings in these new trainees who barely have 2-4 months of training.. it doens’t make sense to me OTL.
Chanwoo and Jinhyung still need a lot of training till they can catch up to the others so I’m looking forward to seeing how they’ll improve and blend in better with the rest of Team B.. and Hongseok is joining in the next ep so I’m looking forward to how that goes too (though it didn’t look too good in the preview).

Still hoping for OT6+1 though!! Not sure yet who with be the +1.. I like Chanwoo right now :)

I can’t draw anything proper right now///I was really busy at school/////thank you for those who message me <3 (^u^)/

here’s a w.i.p. art right now///crop version too////It’s still not done yet but I’ll make sure I’ll finish the whole etc. after our pt and contest/////