I can’t quite put my finger on why, but this may be one of my favourite kung fu related photos ever.
Probably because it depicts what, these days, would be considered a “nerdy dude” using one of the most difficult and heavy martial arts weapons there is, the Guandao. It just encapsulates so much. For me, at least.

The photo was taken in the early 70’s and the guy wielding the Guandao is actually one of Grandmaster Yip Chi Sum’s senior Bak Mei students.


I know I’ve posted those pictures seperately today, but can we please talk about them?

It’s so hilarious like Brotherhood shows them to be so handsome and sexy and adorable and Arakawa is just like “Fuck this shit, it’s Halloween, let’s creep out of everyone!” and dresses each of them like a creepy monster (apart from May and Edward). Adorable? Not so much. Awesome? HELL YEAH. Especially the way Riza scares Roy in the background.

You gotta love that woman.

Jasik looks up from his paper work and looks up and sees Blue standing there.  “Ah, Blue~ Its nice to see you, but, if I may ask, what are you doing here?” he says with a polite smile on his face.


The Host Club - Chapter 06

Yutaka was standing right in front of him. “Yuki?” he looked at him in surprise. "you should go to the boss, you’re paid off.”
“paid off? who did?” the shock was written on his face “paid off” a word that everyone would like to hear, apart from him. The word means someone has paid a lot of money for a host, a sum that usually goes far beyond what one host can get on one evening, this sum is unspoken, it is accepted and the host have to follow. It is the word that sold your soul for the rest of the evening to the one person who paid it, that’s what he think of the word. he got up to go but Kasumi grabbed his arm and looked at me with her sad eyes and questioning “Yuki..?”
“Kasumi, I’m sorry but I have to go.”
"Miss Asato.” Yutaka bowed to her, “You do not need to pay for his services tonight, you can choose another Host if you like to, I will hand you the list of our free Host tonight. We would be pleased if we can welcome you tomorrow again.”
he only heard half of the things what Yutaka told her, he was already on the way to his boss. he only saw from the elevator as Kasumi got up and walked to the front door.

a few minutes before..

Two men sat opposite each other, “Who are we talking here?" one of the man pushed a folder across the table to the other man. he opened the folder and moved each page after another until he left a page open, turned the folder around and pointed with his finger at a picture with a person on it. "about him."
“Kayne this is impossible, I can not do that.”
“Why not?”
“He takes no male clients.”
“Very well, then I am the first.”
"besides I want to announce him soon.”
"You want to throw out him?”
“You know how the business is going on here! Anyone else will bring more money into the club as he and I could replace him with one, who will catch up with him very fast.”
“One more reason for me to book him, maybe he can prove himself.”
“You mean it seriously?”
"Was I ever not serious in this matter?”
“And about which sum you did think of?”
He took a block and a pen, then he wrote something on it, he turned the block and pushed it towards the men.
“He's not even the half worth it, Kayne. What are you doing with him?”
“I do not think I need to talk to you about my business but I can also reduce the amount if you want it?”
"If you are going to pay so much money for him, then I will not stop you but I give no guarantee that he will satisfy you.”
“I do not need guarantee. So we are in business?”
The answer he left unsaid, and he called for a person to send him to into the Club to bring the person of where the two was talking about.