Flash 1x04 - Going Rogue Promo


Carmilla self-deprecating Karnstein

//November 23, 6:42 A.M.//
When the air turns cold and freezes my fingers, I always imagine you in that leather jacket you wore every day last January with your hands wrapped around mine and your breath looking like smoke as it escapes your lips when you laugh. I don’t know what this means, or if I should even feel like this, but I don’t think I mind it at all.

//November 29, 7:35 P.M.//
I like the way you’re too lost in your own world to see anything else. I like that you don’t care enough about anyone to have genuine feelings. I like how you stay so distant and detached from everything. But I’d like to be your exception.

//December 1, 2:56 A.M.//
I can’t sleep. My hair smells like you and I can still feel you on my skin; I wish you hadn’t left so quickly. Every room seems so dim without you in it.

//December 8, 6:13 P.M.//
My therapist once told me that you’re a lot like the bottles of vodka I used to keep hidden in the back of my closet before I started going to AA meetings. She said people like you are a temporary solution to a permanent problem, and that addiction can’t be taken in small doses. I never really understood that until today.

//December 9, 7:47 P.M.//
Oh God, please kiss me again.

//December 15, 9:28 A.M.//
They say you can’t be fixed by the same person who broke you; but can you fix the one who did the breaking? You’ve looked so tired lately. Please talk to me.

//December 24, 8:09 P.M.//
You keep giving me reasons to let go but I keep finding myself holding on even tighter than before. That terrifies me.

//January 17, 11:59 P.M.//
I haven’t forgotten you.

//January 18, 12:01 A.M.//
But, fuck, I want to.

—  texts you never replied to

When Angmar fell, the Men of the North took his body and all that he possessed and sealed it within the High Fells of Rhudaur. Deep within the rock they buried him, in a tomb so dark it would never come to light.


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