Original Post: Spring Semester Morning Routines

Last semester was a lot of hurry up and wait; I got up with my boyfriend, went to my middle level practicum, came home and ate, went to school a couple hours or worked, and everyday was similar routine.

This semester I only have class two days a week which means I’m pulling 12 & 13 hour days (because I work a t the campus writing center and I teach as well) on t & r. Wednesdays are ok because I work for 6 hours and I don’t have to look exceptionally professional.

I can’t decide if I like this routine better… I pack an extra bag with food (lunch, snacks & dinner) and extra homework for my 1.5 hour breaks. I drink a cup of coffee before I leave, take a short tervis with me out the door and pack a 16oz travel mug after that one. I’m even considering grabbing some of the to-go creamers next time I’m in the grocery store…

It feels good even though I look like a ridiculous pack mule. :) just wanted to share my daily days