Me and my sister doing the Tumblr Accent Challenge. Request from anon.

This was a fail.. lol 

Now this is the story all about how...

My mom named me Ginger.

Well, when my mom was pregnant, the doctor told her she was having a boy. (My Face -.-) So she had a baby shower and everyone gave her things for boys. She had a couple boy names in mind. My sister said that my mom was going to have another girl because she could just tell even though the doctor said my mom was having a boy. So whateevvvasssss, my mom went into labor and SHIT THERE GOES A VAJAYJAY! Now my mom is sitting there like O.o no girl name. My mom looks to the side and see’s Ginger Ale. (That’s her favorite drink) and says “I’m gonna name her Ginger”. 

I hated my name growing up because kids in Elementary school would make fun of my name )’: lmao, but then I got used to it and said fuck it, I’m the only girl named Ginger in all the schools I’ve been to. So I like my name now, but it’s annoying as fuck when people don’t believe that’s my name -.-