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Hi! I've always been a big fan of wolves and I'd love to get a wolf-looking dog, but I can't have a wolfdog as I have cats, and wouldn't trust it. I've looked into breeds like Utonagans and Tamaskans, but I was wondering if you had any recommendations of wolflike pups? Thanks!

I’m in a similar situation myself. I’ve only looked into Tamaskans a little more than I’ve looked into Utonagans and I definitely prefer them to the latter, but I haven’t made a solid decision yet about what would do best in my home. The breed I’ve looked into the most is the Northern Inuit Dog, the breed used in Game of Thrones as their “Dire Wolves”, though they’re not super wolfy, they just have a look and personality that I enjoy. I’ve put a lot of thought towards a GSD/husky mix as well but the prey drives coming with the husky make me a bit nervous. There are tons of homes with huskies and cats that do just fine but that doesn’t make it any less risky… Also, same goes for their looks, they don’t really appear all that wolfy to me(lots of people think they do though) but I think they are very beautiful dogs.

Honestly, I’m torn between a NID and a shepherd/husky mix so those would be my recommendations! (some people really like the Utonagans but they don’t look wolfy at all to me and they’re waaaayy too fluffy for me, I prefer medium to short coats.)

Female Norther Inuit Dogs from the same breeder I linked above and here as well:



And a couple pretty GSD/husky mixes:





Hello, my name is Garrus and I cost my Mommy $200 today because I’m allergic to one brand of chicken at Walmart but none of the others. I’ll leave the confusing logic and implications of that statement linger while Mommy says she was surprised to see I weighed 93 pds (!) being that I’m the dog with the slenderest physique of all the German Shepherds in the house!

There was a puppy in the waiting room on what mommy said was a “flexi-lead” and he kept stretching and bouncing and his mommy wasn’t watching him. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a puppy before since we live out in the country, boy they sure do have a lot of energy! I was very curious at first but when he kept doing all that bouncy stuff out of control I had enough and warned him to back off, but he didn’t. Mommy didn’t pull me back, but she told me I wasn’t allowed to be a meanie even if I didn’t feel good. The puppy started to charge at my face and I wasn’t going to let him think he could get away with that so I wanted to nip him, but Mommy said that wasn’t allowed and made me lay down. The puppy’s mommy never even looked at us, she just kept talking to the receptionist. I’m glad my Mommy always watches me. She told me I couldn’t do that to someone else’s dog (even if they did need to be taught), they wouldn’t understand that was how dogs learn. Humans can be stupid sometimes. Why can’t they all just learn how to talk dog?