Noodle dog is doing okay! Skinny and patchy but still gorgeous! She keeps quiet for the most part, but she’s very bored despite toys and interaction so we’re going to incorporate some really low key learning and training into the mix to try to help alleviate the boredom. 

She’s eating well and takes all four medications every day even though she hates it. 

Heart noodles don’t have a chance against Noodle dog!

If you’re transphobic please stop following me. This isn’t up for debate, especially if you’re calling yourself a feminist while doing so. I’m not interested in having followers that attack posts I’ve reblogged supporting Caitlyn Jenner.

If your feminism doesn’t support trans women then that’s not a feminism I want to be a part of.

Daily Ag Fact: 6/1/15

There are three types of herding styles: driving, mustering (fetching), and tending.

Driving is when the dog pushes a group of livestock away from the handler. Australian Shepherds and corgis specialize in this style.

Mustering/Fetching is when the dog brings a group of livestock towards the handler, often from a long distance away. Border Collies specialize in this style.

Tending is when the dog keeps a group of livestock in one spot or in an orderly movement. German Shepherds specialize in this style.