Details of the new Russian #Sherlock Holmes series have been released, and it seems VERY different to the former Russian series, and a lot others out there.

The idea for a new Russian TV series about Sherlock Holmes was first announced in 2009, shortly before the release of Guy Ritchie’s “Sherlock Holmes”. But the choosing of the director and actors has been much delayed, and the première has therefore been put off for 3 years. The official production of the series only begun in 2011.

Andrey Kavun, who is known for his work on the film “Kandahar”, was appointed director. Igor Petrenko was chosen for the role of Sherlock, and Andrei Panin was cast as Dr. Watson. For the role of Inspector Lestrade, Mikhail Boyarsky was chosen.

Influenced by Guy Ritchie’s film, the role of the heroine, Irene Adler, was also expanded on during the show. Her love affair with Sherlock Holmes is one of the series’ main storylines. She will be played by actress Lyanka Gryu. Kavun has also said he only plans to use the motives of the original stories, and will recreate the stories almost from scratch. The series will also assume that Watson’s descriptions of the crimes have been embellished. Later he will try to adjust reality to his fantasies. As an example, Holmes’ famous pipe will be replaced by cigarettes.

Unlike most adaptations of Sherlock Holmes, the Sherlock in this adaptation is younger than Dr. Watson by 15 years.

The filming was completed in May 2012.

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