laheytheoverlooked asked:

So I take it you dislike Jenn/Derek too? Ughhh

I don’t dislike it necessarily… I just think it’s written very poorly…

Derek doesn’t even trust his own pack, his own sister, so why did he go to the random teacher he met in a basement when his life was in danger? It just seems a little forced to me. 

And being able to get it on despite the GIANT GAPING WOUNDS in his chest? Yeah, I think I’m gonna go with “highly unlikely” on that one…

I mean, I’m all for the Derek/happiness OTP, whether you think that’s with Stiles or Jennifer, but it seems out of character for him.

laheytheoverlooked asked:

First of all, share ten facts about yourself, then send this to your top ten favourite followers! :D

1. Mac-n-cheese! :D I’m eating it. 

2. Plastic Fork! I’m usin it. 

3. McDonalds… I’m not lovin it. 

4. I’ve run out of “something-it” things to say.

5. This is number 5. :)

6. Android. Not iPhone. 

7. I like Chicken

8. My brain isn’t allowing me to think of anything good. 

9. I’m Tired.

10. I worked all day. 

As usual, if you want to do it! Go ahead! :)
I’m too lazy to send this to anyone.