Real talk about Hogwarts houses in tonight’s vlog!

"Hey, wait up! You’ve dropped your books!"

"Oh… thanks…"


"Thank you, John. I’m Sherlock by the way"

"I know. The smartest guy in the Ravenclaw"

"So that’s how they call me"

"I think it’s amazing. I mean you’re always the first in all subjects. It’s great."

"You think so? That’s not people usually say"

"And what do they usually say?"

"Piss off!"

Gryffindor’s graduating class of 1999 are known across the country, and for good reason. By now every witch, wizard and squib has heard the story of the so-called ‘Golden Trio’ of Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger, and how they sacrificed their teenage years to save the world. Recent data has shown that, during the past decade, Hogwarts’ exam results hit a record low, and commentators have questioned the school’s latest generation’s prospects as the future of our fine nation. However, the graduating students of one very golden house have defied all the odds to prove beyond a doubt that Britain is in very capable hands. The Daily Prophet caught up with five Gryffindor graduates and found out what they had been up to since leaving the school.

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