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Um... more Fenris? That's a question right? Don't know why I like the guy, he's such an angsty guy.

I’m answering this before earlier asks just because I saw somebody apparently taking issue with grumpy elf jokes about Fenris, and given that grumpy elves and jokes are my two main exports, I consider this a personal attack on my lifestyle


"I’m sorry, I’m a little confused: why wouldn’t I volunteer? If we’re to try and… Hang on."

Shoot this one."
"He’ll get to the pistol."
This one has more scars - more fights. You’ve got a better chance against this one.
"Not if he shoots me first!"


As I told you before, a good friend of mine is missing since last friday, 2am, in Riga, Latvia. A FB page was created and this is all the information we have. Please read this through and reblog it.

Here is also a report from the Latvian police.

"A very good friend of us is missing since last friday at 2 am. He´s doing an erasmus semester in Riga at the RTU in the faculty of Architecture.
It is very important that this message is spread and that´s why we are asking for your help.
His name is Stephan Engelbrecht, age 23 (18 April 1991)
He comes from Villingen-Schwenningen in Germany 
He´s about 1,93m - 1,95m high
He weighs about 120kg 
He has short red/brown hair and a red beard
He´s wearing glasses (black frame)
He ´s got dark brown eyes
USUALLY when he´s going out, he´s wearing a brown baseball cap with a white and orange bird/dove on the front (see the picture below)
He´s wearing a watch squared shaped, all black, with silver roman numbers, the black strap has got silver holes.
The information we have is :
He was out on friday night on a party, he hasn´t been seen since 2 am that night.
His german AND his latvian mobile phone are dead and there has been no Facebook, WhatsApp or other social network activity from his side. His credit card has also not been used.
If you recieive or have any information about Stephan please write us.”

I am posting this especially for my Latvian followers, maybe you know people in Riga, who might have seen him or maybe you know someone who is from Latvia. Please reblog this!!


So freezepride did some wonderful makeup work last night for her Vexen/Even cosplay. 
It looked so tremendous that I tried to give it a go, myself. Now… I NEVER wear makeup so I went and bought the wrong shade…. I did some mixing and managed to make due…. It isn’t nearly as awesome a job as she did but I gave it a shot!


just in case I didn’t make it clear sherlock knows exactly how to catch snowflakes on his tongue and is a complete pro at it because he’s been doing it since childhood, in fact he sometimes likes to run around with his gob open to catch as many at once as he can. he can’t do it during the day to preserve his dfp status so he breaks into regent park at night when it snows to do it.

Each Care Bear, from Cheer Bear to Tenderheart Bear, has a unique personality. Do you have a great attitude about life, like Cheer Bear? Are you energetic and love having fun like Funshine Bear? Does life get you down like Grumpy Bear? Do you share a sensitive side with Tenderheart Bear or are you a great friend like Friend Bear. Take this quiz and find out which Care Bear most represents you.


doors left standing
open in the dark

sounds of reaching
desperate for distraction

in myself and others
attics myriad, laden

closets yawning for inclusion
halfway up the crooked stairs

we only built so many tall
stories for tragedy sake

to tumble further
down longer

past the noticing
off more until later

it makes no difference
it makes no difference
it makes no difference
speak the feet
tromp the stairs

broken hearts
forget to care
bashed heads
never remember