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“Less seriously? Lady Jorjayna, when it comes to Grumpkins I am a very serious man. They’re a serious problem to the realm.” He joked. He looked away for a moment and a frown formed on his face.

“Ryon may do as he pleases. He is a boy, and should as much time believing in such creatures as he can, for once he is grown it will be upon his shoulders to lead our house and to keep children of his very own safe.”

She smiled slightly at his joke, and chuckled lightly to show her appreciation. “Oh naturally, of course” she nodded. “It is such a relief to know our young Lord Ryon is in pursuit of the little beasts. He will do marvellously in his attempts to quash them, I’m sure,” she grinned. 

“He will lead House Forrester?” she asked, tilting her head to one side. “What of you, my Lord? You are older than he.” 

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"It's hard to dance with the devil on your back."

florence & the machine m e m e.

             The devil. It is a name he’s never heard —- but he is sure enough of its meaning. Demons and dark things, shadows just beyond the edge of seeing. The thing that men fear when there is no real or rational name to give to what haunts them. Grumpkins and snarks, ogres and trolls. Elves with fingernails of ice reaching to tear at the edge of the youngling’s straw bed who did not sleep when they should. Names for frightening chills and terrible fevers, for hunger, for loneliness, for all pain and all punishment.

                                                    Ned had loved such stories as a child, had smiled to hear them
                                                    told to his own children, had told a few himself  ( yet, as his little
                                                    sister had always reminded him, he lacked too much the spirit of
                                                    the story-teller to do anything but BORE ) ——————————

                        This woman was young —- but no child. And such stories could not suit her. She must know that it was only her own weight that she felt; the weight of burden or of duty. Whatever she designed her ‘DEVIL’ to be, there was enough to be feared in the world already for men to make enemies out of shapes and shadows.

                                     “Few folk in the world are truly MEANT for dancing.”

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"I am not naive." [Hi! :)]

“I seem to recall that you spent over a few hours with Ryon in the grove looking for Grumpkins. So, unless you have a better word for it, you are in fact very naive.”

[Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy B)]