Reblog/Like if you refuse to let Disney push Big Hero 6 into the corner of underrated Disney movies.

I’ve seen less and less Big Hero 6 on my dash lately, and that got me upset. Big Hero 6 deserves recognition. It deserves love and admiration. This movie has helped so many of us; Those of us who have lost something, who have gained something, who are depressed and needed a friend, and just needed reassurance that someone is never going to give up.

I’m refusing to let Disney do this to another amazing movie. 


Chapter 1 - Chapter 2

Well, long post. Related to No such thing as fate, by mysecretfanmoments. This scene doesn’t match with the one in the fic at 100% because I’m a hopeless idiot. 

About this comic adaptation, honestly I don’t know what I’m doing. I was practically shivering until I did this. And it’s not enough. I need to draw more, to draw better, grrr, Levi is just as ugly as fuck I hate myself, sigh. 

Um. Read the fic. Enjoy it! I need to do something with these Ereri feelings GRR