Getty Images launched the “Lean In Collection” Monday in partnership with LeanIn.org, featuring more than 2,500 photos of female leadership in contemporary work and life. The project began when Pam Grossman, director of visual trends at Getty Images, commissioned a study that would track the changes in the representation of girls and women in the media. The study turned into a presentation that Grossman later shared with Sheryl Sandberg and the Lean In team at Facebook Headquarters in Palo Alto, Calif., last fall. “This is such a big passion project for all of us, and cheesy as it sounds, by showing people powerful images of women, we thought maybe we could actually change the world,”

Getty is one of the largest stock image companies in the world. This is incredible news that they took an initiative to create a specific collection of 2500 images(to start) of JUST women in leadership positions! And incredibly diverse leadership positions! and incredibly diverse women! These pictures are going to be on billboards, in magazines, pamphlets, books. these images of women will permeate everywhere. this is beautiful.