12x400m with 200m jog recovery this morning. Instead of showing you a ton of splits, just the important times are above. I was going for 1:22 or lower in line with my 17-minute 5K goal for Saturday’s race.

It was very sticky – low 70s with pre-storm humidity and wind. Add in yesterday’s crossfit soreness, and my legs were not feeling up to task on the jog over. Tight shoulders, quads, and hamstrings are not good for running fast.

Surprisingly, I got all but one under my target. And that one in particular I was playing around with taking a longer, stronger stride. High turnover is still king at shorter distances. I must have even loosened up a little near the end because I was comfortably under on the last 4.

So that turned out a lot better than I thought. Nothing fast the rest of the week to let my legs recover a little. I don’t know that I’m ready to break 17 at this first race. The pace I was running today required a little more strength than I think I can do for the whole thing, but you never know when those competitive juices start to flow.

Race recap: 5k #2, 2015

As soon as I finished this race I was confused about what I had to show for the past 6 months of training. I think I covered that enough in yesterday’s post, that was kind of a part 1 to this recap, lol.

Sure it was humid. I don’t like excuses though. But I guess it’s a good thing to block out excuses while you’re actually racing, but after the race you shouldn’t shy away from them. Because what one person could see as excuses, another person could see as lessons for the future.

The massive Queensboro bridge made for a great focal point near the finish.

Now I’m starting to get a sense of how much humidity affects time. Forgive me, I still mostly come from the effort based school of trail running. 

I ran almost the same exact time as in Liverpool on tired marathon legs, the major difference being 12C / 21F degrees.


18:55 mins.


Roosevelt Island, New York.


68F / 20C. 3 mph / 4.8 kph wind.

A quick pic before starting #notaselfie

How it played out

This one was less grass roots than Liverpool. It cost $45, and had the free race shirt to reflect that. They also had free ice-cream handed out to finishers, which I think is a cool little thing that they’re doing to pitch their event. 

The post-race bagels were also outstanding, but maybe that’s all NYC road race events! 😋

Splits per km:

  • 3:51 (6:12 /mile)
  • 3:42 (5:57 /mile)
  • 3:43 (5:59 /mile)
  • 3:48 (6:07 /mile)
  • 3:37 (5:49 /mile)
  • 0:16

Nothing too crazy. I still managed to negative split but just barely. The fade in the 4th km was felt. It was the first time where I felt like I was running in 5th gear, yet my pace was creeping slower. 

I just held onto the pain train for the last km to try to salvage something. I’m at least happy that I ended with my fastest split here.

The typical path we ran on around the water’s edge, snapped in our warm up.

Slowly with everybody’s help, I’m starting to realize that I was expecting to run a 5C / 41F race on a 20C / 68F day. That means that in the fall, I’ll probably drop like 30 seconds instantly within a month when the temperature drops. 

For now I can keep on grinding out 5k’s and use today’s race as a summer  benchmark. The funny thing is I’ve always been injured in the NE summer, so I’ve never been truly racing in this humidity before.

The other takeaway is that I need more 5k specific intervals in my training. I’m going to have a chat to my coach about that, and get back into doing some of the 200m, 400m, and 800m repeats I was doing 10 years ago.

Taking the cable car back.


I’m adding in this chart from RW, because robert-cal‘s comment yesterday reminded me of seeing this on another blog

I clearly should’ve read this before racing yesterday. I don’t know how realistic this is, 6% is still a lot. That works out to be about 1:08 minutes off, or 17:47 mins all up. 

That seems like too much, I’d still be fighting to run under 18:30 mins in ideal temperatures. But it’s nice to know regardless, and now I’m happy to use that 18:55 time as a summer benchmark for the next few months!

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