Mortimer Toynbee || Toad || 17 YO

                                       Super-Human Leg and Tongue strength

                                   & endurance/Elongated Tongue/Adhesive Spit

                                                        Ireland || Jamie Bell || OPEN


  • Abandoned by his parents when he was a baby because of his grotesque appearance, Mortimer grew up in an orphanage, where he was constantly scolded and belittled by his fellow orphans.
  • At age ten, he was offered the opportunity of taking part in Moira MacTaggert’s gene experiment, in the hopes that she would find a way of making him look like a “normal boy”. After two years of no result, Mortimer ran away, taking the streets.
  • To survive the horribleness of homelessness and solitude, he built his own reality around him, where the streets were the hallways of his palace and others were nothing but inferior to him. Using sarcasm and violence to hide his insecurities, he grew up with the idea that to have what you want, all you gotta do is take it.
  • Was recruited by Magneto, who stopped a bullet from hitting him when he was caught trying to steal from a jewellery. Because of his distorted views of the world, he sees himself as the de-facto leader of the Brotherhood.
  • Has a raging crush on Wanda, who he thinks is meant to be his future wife and queen.

Character Relations: Erik Lehnsherr (ally, leader), Wanda Maximoff (ally, crush), Pietro Maximoff (ally), Jason Wynarde (ally).

Open for Ships: Mortimer/Wanda (het); other possible ships may be decided by player(s).