GROWWWWWW my pretties!!!!!! Our TINY lil vege patch grows an abundance of beautiful organic food for us, helped along by ✨magical poop fertiliser ✨💩✨ from our Muscovy ducks and chickens. In the garden we got cucumber, eggplant, Vietnamese basil, sweet basil, heirloom tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, common mint, chocolate mint, oregano, thyme, mint geranium, coriander, strawberries, sweet potato, beetroot, radishes, lettuce, rocket, Swiss chard, garlic AND onion chives, pineapple, celery, nasturtiums, and chillies, all kept safe from pests by our marigolds dotted around the place. We also grow our own pumpkins along with a couple of patches of mental self-seeding cherry tomatoes that just won’t quit. So satisfying and so HEALTHY to produce your own food! Everyone can grow something!!!!!!!! It’s also deeply meditative getting filthy dirty caring for our baby plants and watching them grow up! 🌱🌱🌱🌱🍆🍓🍅🍍🙉 #food #veggiegarden #patch #permaculture #organic #nutrition #health #healthy #nutritionist #cooking #yum #country #happy by theediblepharmacy