I was going to post this photo without caption, but I feel like it needs a small explanation.

I have never taken a photo like this before. ‘Lingerie shoot? Me? AHAHAHA’ would have been my response in the past. I need a costume to cover me. Even if it’s the same amount of fabric, the character’s confidence is something I try and emulate, and it turns into a lot of ‘fake it til you make it’. Method acting. I wouldn’t call myself a confident individual; in costume is different than it just being…me.

But I feel like I’m gaining the confidence to really be myself. I say that I’m in a healthier living arrangement post-divorce, and I am, all around. I’m emotionally healthier, even though this has been the worst winter in my life; I’m mentally healthier, because I’m getting more accomplished; and this is the best I’ve felt physically, at this time of the year, than I can ever remember.

So this picture is something of a triumph for me. I feel like I’m starting to become the confident person that everyone else claims that I am. It’s not me in costume, so sorry if this isn’t the kind of modeling you follow me to see, but this picture means a lot to me. Plus, I look like a lovechild of Rogue and Jessica Rabbit, and I am 100% good with that.

I was going to post this on Valentine’s Day, but I didn’t want to cheapen it. I’m also a little too nervous to post it on Facebook, since the audience is harsher and coarser there, so I’m testing it here first.

Photo by robbinsstudios, as a part of his sheer curtain series.

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Going into the Black Hole to find the Light of Being || Read

"Surrendering to negative emotion and going into resistance of negative emotion are not the same. There seems to be confusion between the two. Some people are stuck because they are feeling bad about the emotion rather than feeling the emotion. For example, lets say I am feeling unworthy.

Scenario # 1. I sink into the pain of feeling unworthy. I don’t fight it, don’t try to make it go away. I am present with that negative emotion. This is going into the eye of the tornado.

Scenario #2. I move toward the pain of feeling unworthy but I don’t allow myself to fully go there. Conversation in my head might sound like “This feeling is awful. If I knew why this was happening to me I would feel better faster. I don’t know if I can handle the pain. This makes no sense. Why do I need to feel the pain? It is so painful to push against pain. It still hasn’t changed yet. I still feel unworthy. It is getting worse. What is the point of doing this? It doesn’t work. I still feel bad. I can’t handle this.”. This is feeling more and more terrified as you approach the tornado but you don’t actually touch the tornado.

Scenario #1 is feeling the emotions of being unworthy.

Scenario #2 is NOT feeling the emotions of being unworthy but instead are feelings of pain from resisting the feeling”

Mambo Mike

I am constantly in progression. Constantly evolving. Shaping my character. Constantly getting better in different aspects of my life. My experiences, the places, the people in and out of my life whether negative or positive are my teachers. They all give me the tool to mold myself. And most importantly I am the artist. I am perpetually blooming, flourishing and it is beautiful.
—  Savannah Zaira

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Time for an update

Good morning ladies & gents!

This morning I realized as much as I have overcome in my life, I am at a point where I am very confident and feel accomplished.

I began Fit In Your Skin because I needed an outlet for my personal issues, and it certainly helped! I grew out of my ED and grew into a well-rounded and healthy lifestyle.

Now, I want to hear YOUR stories. I want to know YOUR struggles and YOUR successes.

I’m changing this thing around a bit - from the theme to other attributes, so stay tuned for the updates!!

:o) ~jackie

Also, how are all of you on this fine Thursday AM?!?!?

Prompt #2

I’ve only just started rifling through scc’s long (and very comprehensive) list of prompts, and so many have stood out to me… but since this is a new blog, I wanted to start at the beginning.

- How did you first discover or come into your submission?

“Only a life lived in the service to others is worth living.” -Albert Einstein

I’ve known about D/s for a long time- at least, my submission and the idea that someone can be dominant in a relationship. It makes sense to me on a fundamental level… one of the first porn videos I stumbled across (because unfortunately that was my only glimpse into anything sexual before I went off to college…. my parents were never open about it, my friends were the sort who giggled and blushed if you mentioned the word ‘boobies’… heaven forbid you actually said ‘cock’ they probably all would’ve died!) was something with… Jenna Jameson? Or maybe Jenna Hayes, I don’t remember. But the man was definitely, 100% in charge and in control. I believe there were some cuffs involved, which at the time was totally taboo to me and turned me on immensely, and some awful music in the background. I remember watching that video over and over and over, exploring my own body as I watched the man explore hers.

While it all made sense to me in my own brain, I also felt it was wrong on many different levels because of how I brought up. So many submissives I have talked to or read posts from have said something along similar lines, and I am no different. My mother brought me up to be a strong, independent woman and the more I read into D/s, the more it felt like I was betraying everything I was brought up to stand for.

I have since come to terms with a LOT of ideas, emotions, and thoughts in regards to my submission and how it affects me as a woman, but when I first started researching it and finding information about it, all I could think (and all that was reinforced when my mother caught wind of it) was that it was WRONG

Will you wish for a new place?
Buses to come and take you away?

The air is always so dry here. Are you suffocating?

Remember how big everything use to seem.

Guess you’re at that shrinking age.
Time is no longer beneficial.
Like wind holding your running legs back.

When you come home, it won’t be the same.
A bad taste of heaven, in a dirty landscape.

If you were to awake in a dream?

No soul. Earth bound body of a ghost.
Piece wise function, non responsive.

Would you be home?
Body of flesh, will you be home?
Bodies rot.
Would you add that to your compose?

Try to start again.
Home, alone
Cheeks of rose
Eyes raining like grey skies,
Abstract, stand alone.

No solid foundation, this one
Nothing holding it in place.

Pinned down like specimen
Oozing organs on the sheets.

Profess in tongues
How to covet, what cannot be sold

Windows bend time,
Sunlight dripping from elsewhere. Really.

Love done, drove it into the ditch.
Fuck this.
Is not as polite as I honestly don’t give a fuck.

And excuse my language,
I’m trying to reevaluate my artistic persuasion.