Can u imagine in like 30 years and all your favourite players have retired and sometimes they get brought up in conversation and u just get flooded with memories and then ur kids will just be sitting there like my mom still cries over professional hockey players


Artist Lucy McRae Talks About Her Plan To Grow A Baby In Space With NASA

"I’ve got this theory that when you travel long distances, your soul doesn’t travel as fast as your body—it gets caught somewhere. I can’t wait to be reunited with mine so I feel whole again," Lucy McRae muses down the line of our slightly delayed Skype connection. We’ve barely even exchanged pleasantries, and already I get the sense that Lucy is as otherworldly as her work suggests.

A self-described body architect, Lucy’s practice oscillates somewhere between the morbid and the mind-bending, with the constant thread of a fascination with the future connecting her work. Bringing to life futuristic concepts with a lurking undercurrent of science fiction, Lucy traverses the potential intersection between the body and technology, predominately using the medium of film to realize her experiments. Thus far, those have included projects involving an invented fragrance Swallowable Parfum, an imagined Aesop laboratory, and exploration of the world of genetic manipulation through edible clones.

friendly reminder that “[thing that hurts ace people] is acephobic” =/= “this thing affects no one else in the universe and if anyone says it does they are lying”

SasuHina: Break-Ups Suck

So I have this headcanon…

Sixteen year old, Neji and Sasuke are working on a school project together and Neji gets put on babysitting duty for his six year old cousin, Hinata. Hinata is always claiming that she loves the Uchiha. Sasuke isn’t bothered by it because she is, in fact, a child.

Sasuke glanced down at the navy haired girl. She was quiet and seemingly smart. “No,” he answered Neji. “I haven’t, have you?”

Neji shrugged and brushed chocolate locks behind his ear and opened his folder. “You can look through these. I’m sure you’ll find one-”

“Nii,” Hinata whispered and tugged on his pants leg. “What color is this kitty?” She held up her coloring book.

“Hinata, please, we have to focus.”

Sasuke looked away from her saddened face. Onyx eyes rolled over the list of titles. He wasn’t reading or rather he couldn’t. The child was staring at her crayons as if it was so hard to color a cat. He groaned. “Look, kid.”

Hinata squeaked and brought her attention to the Uchiha. “Y-yes?”

“Color it whatever you want.”

“Even Bloo?”

Sasuke narrowed his eyes at her lacking vocabulary and had to remember that she is indeed a child. With a sigh, he nodded. “Sure.”

She then picked up seven different blue crayons. “All the bloos!”

“If you want.”

She giggled, showing off a single dimple. “M’kay!”

Neji isn’t happy that a single act of kindness from “an older male” has his cousin so goofy. Sasuke likes to piss Neji off by doing extra nice things for the little girl. The very week she starts school, Hinata begs Neji to take her to see Sasuke. Once there:

"I sorry, Sasu," she pokes her fingers. "We have to b-break up."

"Excuse me?" Sasuke humored her.

She climbed in his lap then cupped his face. “I met…” Her cheeks glowed at just the thought of the new blond boy in her class. “I met someone new.”

"Kind of thought we had something special?"

She giggled. “Silly Sasu. We like different bloos.”


Author Note: I don’t know, I just was feeling a platonic fluffy SasuHina. Of course, almost 13-14 years later Sasuke still reminds her of that moment.


In case you needed any more reason to hate Fox News, (and let’s face it - you don’t) the gems decided to bash Kristen for saying the rich should pay more by explaining how badly Veronica Mars is doing in the box office.

Okay - who here isn’t surprised that Fox is ragging on a flim that explains the toxicity of corruption, racism, and class warfare?

Oh, and since these guys are such economic experts, who wants to explain things like “If a movie is only open in a fraction of the country, it’s not going to be topping movies that are open everywhere.” to them?

A child born today will grow up with no conception of privacy at all. They’ll never know what it means to have a private moment to themselves an unrecorded, unanalyzed thought. And that’s a problem because privacy matters; privacy is what allows us to determine who we are and who we want to be.
—  Edward Snowden