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What to do during a 15 hour layover in Copenhagen

Zoe and I arrived at the Copenhagen Airport at midnight. We were exhausted when we got there and all we wanted to do was head straight to our hostel. By now, you’d assume traveling would be easy for us since we’ve been here for six weeks…nope. We were at the airport for 3 hours trying to get our luggage, packing overnight backs, finding luggage lockers, figuring out the metro. You name it, we’ve probably encountered it.

Eventually we figured out whuch metro to take and walked straight to the Generator Hostel for a quick shower and a decent night of sleep. FRIDAY morning, we left the hostel around 9:00 AM to eat some breakfast. We walked down the street and found this cute place called Joe & the Juice. We both got avocado, mozzarella, and tomato sandwiches and I got the “Pick Me Up” smoothie with strawberries, bananas, and apples.

We then headed over to the Tivoli Gardens to begin our hop on hop off bus tour of the city. The bus was a double decker and Zoe and I went to the top, which was very crowded. Overhead, you could plug in your headphones and listen to some facts about the city and the landmarks. 

First we drove all throughout the city seeing nice hotels and beautiful buildings, such as The Black Diamond. Next we passed Nyhavn and Zoe and I wanted to get off to see the “new port”, which is really 300 years old. It was so pretty with the different colored buildings and the canal in the middle. 

After 30 minutes of walking around, we hopped back on the bus and headed towards Kastellet. Around this island is the Gefion Fountain and the famous Little Mermaid statue. Zoe and I took some pictures of the statue before heading back on the bus to the hostel. 

Once we got back to our hostel, we expected smooth sailing to the airport. But in typical Brielle and Zoe traveling fashion, that didn’t happen. First, when we got to the hostel, there was a major drill/emergency going on inside. So we had to beg the staff to let us in or we’d be late to our flight.

Next, we stopped on the way to the metro to get some food at Wok On. Copenhagen has this weird system that all credit cards must have a PIN number. Mine didn’t so I was barely able to make purchases on my credit card. To top it off, my debit card was telling me that I was putting in the wrong PIN number. Finally I ran to take cash out of the ATM and it worked the second time, after telling me again I entered the wrong pin. At this point I was frustrated but we got food here anyway. I got a whole wheat noodle bowl with beef and broccoli and teriyaki sauce. 

Then we went to the metro station, which doesn’t take paper money or my credit/debit card. So we had to break up the 50 krone (Denmark’s currency) I had. Then we rushed onto the metro to go to the airport. Luckily, check in, bag weighing, and security went well.

For now, I’m just sitting in the airport before my 10 hour flight back to the United States. Looking back on everything that has happened in the past 6 weeks, I can truly say I’ve had one of the most amazing summers of my life. I wouldn’t change anything I did, for better or for worse, such as:

•wandering around London for 4 days by myself

•picking the winning horse for Siena’s Palio

•touring Rome and the Vatican in the 90 degree weather while wearing a maxi dress

•going to Shabbat services in the Spanish synagogue of Prague

•getting super sunburnt on the rooftop of our hotel in Sorrento

•renting a dingy boat to tour the island of Capri and swimming in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea

•seeing the ruins of Pompeii

•visiting Venice and riding a gondola in the pouring rain

•hiking from Vernazza to Montorosso in Cinque Terre

•climbing the 463 steps to get to the top of the Duomo in Florence

•taking Pairing Food and Wine as a class and probably eating my weight in carbohydrates throughout my 5 weeks in Italy

•riding a donkey up the caldera in Santorini

•laying out on Paradise Beach for hours in Mykonos

•biking through the streets of Athens in the pouring rain

•taking the hop on, hop off bus tour of Copenhagen to fully see the city

Mostly though, this trip wouldn’t have been the same without the group of amazing people I met through API. I’ve learned that “in life, it’s not where you go, it’s who you travel with”. The inside jokes we made, the laughs we had, the places we visited, the times we went out together, I will never forget this summer and all of you. 

Although I’m sad to leave Europe, I can’t wait to be home, back in the United States, and in my own bed. Until next time Tumblr. Hopefully I’ll be “breezing around the world" again next summer 😉