I was so sick with depression and solitude then that the feelings just spilled over of their own accord. I’m thankful they found a way out, because there was a lot of poisonous thinking in my mind at the time. I think a lot about how helpful it can be to let an energy leave your own body, and return to you in an independent form, or costume. Sometimes there is no other way to receive a message. Shamanism talks about a sort of soul departure that happens when we encounter something too traumatic for us to handle. We do the safe thing and leave our own borders. It is safer sometimes to be outside of the body. Having respect for that energy as its own independent force, acknowledging it and listening to what it has to say, is certainly one of the tools for inviting it back into the whole. You can’t just force it to return–when we let parts of ourselves go they develop our own personalities and lives. Sometimes they’ve already moved away and don’t want to come back. Psychologists talk about this coming and going, and so does almost every group involved in a form of ritual magic. There’s a darker side to it, because when part of you is gone there is room for other entities to hang out, but those heavy forces need to move through you, too. The worst thing you can do when they show up is try to keep the gate closed.
—  Liz Harris