Here’s a list of most my BC contestants I ever entered separated by waves:

Wave 1: Lila Lyric Triangle, Snowflake Prindell, Capri Heights, Prince George Lovegood, Lola Lollipop Triangle, Franconia Springfield

Wave 2: Towson Marlow, Cassandra Loving, Chesapeake Bladensburg, Indigo Sparks Tazewell, Richmond James, Alexis Grosvenor

Wave 3: Kenilworth Kiwi, Kenneth King, Scarlet Rose Benevola, Philadelphia Riverdale, Elliot King

Wave 4: Dylan Courthouse, Lorenzo St. Barnabas, Snowden River Aloe, Belvedere Blossom, Collie Parks

Wave 5: Lucinda Rosaryville, Lady Baltimore Higgins

Westminster Jewels: Blue Enamel Tiara


The Westminsters have this intriguing tiara from Chaumet. As we’ve discussed in the past, kokoshnik is often used to refer to a tiara that takes the shape of the traditional fabric Russian headdresses. This one, however, is an unusually literal translation in which blue enamel serves to mimic the fabric kokoshniks were made of and diamond flowers translate to the ornamentation kokoshniks often featured. This one was originally bought by the 2nd Duke of Westminster; it left the family for a time before the current duke reacquired it.