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hello tumblr I need help to reach my voice on how disgusting this guy from my high school is and I need help to shut him down. I should use my tumblr as an advantage to be heard.

my friend krystyn (and not to mention my girlfriend kasey) is transgender. barron directed these awful comments towards krys and he cannot just get away with it. his info is on his facebook, help!

me and my nice gray long coat ft. soap bottle and canadian cabin bathroom (to all twitpic followers: this is not the cashmere coat)


As night fell, intense explosions could be heard throughout the rebel-held capital Sanaa, where warplanes had carried out strikes since the early morning. Military officials from both sides of the conflict said that airstrikes were targeting areas east and south of the third largest city of Taiz, as well as its airport, while naval artillery and airstrikes hit coastal areas east of Aden.

"It’s like an earthquake," Sanaa resident Ammar Ahmed said by telephone. "Never in my life have I heard such explosions or heard such raids."

He said he could hear missiles whistling through the air and see flames rising from a military area in the southern neighborhood of Faj Attan, where Scud missiles are believed to be stored.

Sana’a isn’t the only place where civilians are at risk. In the west of the country, a camp for internally displaced people was reportedly hit by an airstrike early Monday, killing dozens of civilians. Women and children were reportedly among the victims.

Ok, I’ve been watching Gravity Falls, and I love it, and all its innuendos, but can we talk about this one in particular??

Like, I know the guy wrote in it with invisible ink, and it may have spilt, but seriously. This glow of white splats under a black light is a forensic test for semen. Dipper has been getting semen all over himself, maybe. Don’t know if this joke went too far or not…

hauntlegion a réagi à votre billet :its racist and gross

i feel it……… & the only excuse i’ve ever been able to come up with is i was just always really interested in the world but anime fans are shit and told me it wasn’t racist and i fell for their shitty shit for so long. burn shitty anime fans.

i was just really young and i didnt understand how gross and racist it was at the time but im white and i grew up in a white household like there wasnt a chance i was going to be taught about what was racist and what wasn’t