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Dennis Infante one of the most talented yet humblest dudes I know.  I originally met him through some high school friends when he got down with Chain Reaction.  Now he’s considered one of the best in the Bay reppin’ that Hip Hop party dance style and Locking!  Funk’d Up did a little segment on his story.  Introducing Dennis Infante of the Mutha Funkers and GroovMekanex!! 


East Coast Dance Concert


#GM15 / GroovMekanex 15th Anniversary

#GM15 / GroovMekanex 15th Anniversary

GroovMekanex just celebrated our 15th Anniversary. It was a afternoon and evening of funk, groove, and community. It’s almost been a year since I got down and sometimes I still can’t believe it. Thank you GroovMekanex for not only supporting me but many other dancers here in the Bay!

Meeting OG Kaylani was one of the weekend’s…

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#GroovMekanex brotha @jaypee719diaz locking it up at #CellEBrate! #cellspace #sf #bayarea #locking