Welp, I was going to post the giant illustration I’ve been working on, but that has been delayed by my printer just randomly dying on me.  I am currently dead in the water on most of my work without it.  So, operation ‘Audre needs a new printer in order to continue working’ is underway!

That means I’ve posted original sketches to my etsy shop.  All of these guys are currently up.  So if you’ve ever wanted an original from me but couldn’t afford the fully-painted ones, these guys are just a bit more then a big print.

Please don’t remove my text/source from my artwork. Thank you!

Fall Sale!


Save 10% on my entire store by using the code “PUMPKINSPICE”! (I can’t help it, I crave pumpkin spice with anything…)

All orders come with a random mini sketch and thank you note by moi~♥

From now until Black Friday, all orders over $25 will receive a free Groot button~ (of the art in the illustration above) or any other button of your choice. Quantities are limited but I have still have Sailor Moon ones, Captain America: TWS, Pan’s Labyrinth and Loki among others.


I’ve been needing a new case for a while since my current one was falling apart. Artscow had a really damn good coupon on cases so I got my Groot piece on it. This is my one Christmas gift to myself. And it came with a mini stand. Not bad for $14. I’ve been getting a lot of nice comments on my Groot bags lately also, so I’ve been passing out my business cards, here’s hoping some people like it enough to order one for the holidays! ;w;