Guardians of the Galaxy Laser Engraved Wood Portrait

Using laser engraving, Robert Loukotka created these wonderful portraits of Groot, Rocket Raccoon and Starlord. Each piece is 8 x 8″ and engraved in Cherry Hardwood. 

You can find these (and many other pieces) for sale on Robert’s website, and you can follow him on Twitter to keep up to date with his new work.


its bin a long time since i posted. i spent the last month listening to 80s metallica albums on repeat and rewatching the office in its entirety. i also saw jupiter ascending, if your a fan of this site and the idea of reading and enjoying “bad” comics you can get a kick out of jupiter ascending. its the same universe as a lot of these bin crawled comics of huge ideas having to be explained so it makes sense that crazy alien dudes and crazy shit goes down. go into it knowing its dumb but its dumb full of crazy awesome alien characters and fight scenes and scenery and really bad acting and dialog, loved it. winter is still here and strong in shitty ol south philly and my stack of to-read bin crawled comics is HUGE.

i’ve been slogging away on Nemesis the warlock by pat mills and kevin oneill, easy to digest comics, for a massive 500 page book. each chapter is only 4 pages or so long so its easy to read and put down for later. intense costume designs as well as futuristic cityscapes and giant rocket cars and the like. typical zany satire type british humor ive never been a big fan of but man kevin oneill knows how to cross hatch like a motherfucker. i always find writer/artist comics i usually always hate the writing but the art makes up for it tenfold. kill all writers.

i did the opposite of bin crawling with the new stray bullets collection by david and maria lapham, i bought it for cover price in an actual comic book store, i know it sounds crazy. stray bullets is my favorite comic series of all time, im so happy its back and it hasnt missed a beat at all. virginia applejack is a teenager now and has a boyfriend, with another huge cast of characters as well as some old faces to tie it all together like spanish scott and blue ed. its kinda weird now that virginia is having teenage sex in this since ive been reading it starting with her as a 7 year old girl getting slashed in the face at halloween. watching her grow over the years getting involved with seedier and more fucked up scenarios, its just getting murkier and crazier with her in teenage adolescence, even though at this point in her life she can put up a hard front and do what needs to be done. i can go on and on about how much i love stray bullets, but just take my word for it and buy it now.

when bin crawling for someone else the other week i stumbled upon groo the wanderer 1-5 all for a buck each, so duh i had to keep that for myself on that trip.  i love sergio aragones cluttered crowds and fight scenes. groo is great and i always pick up any issue of this i find. i have a weird blair witch project comic he did too in the 90s from oni press, i should dig that up and show you guys that. the best thing about sergio is he himself is an actual cartoon mustachioed man.

maxwell madd and his wrestling women by charles treadwell and david c matthews is just as stupid, corny, and sexist as it looks.

richard corben’s solo! fuck yeah! i like richard corben the same way i like wrestling, even if its stupid ill keep reading to see big muscle dudes and outlandish faces and fights and easy to digest imagery. i felt that way about a lot of his earlier fantagor comics but this issue dc put out 10 years ago is all killer no filler. 

ill try to write more as i read more. PDA