A lot of people were asking about my runes/masteries for jungle Leona, so here you are. 

Attack Speed Marks - without them you almost die before clearing 3 camps.

Flat Armor Seals - better for early clears, less damage from camps

MR/lv Glyphs - late game etc etc

0/21/9 masteries, picking up Tenacious in defense tree and Runic Affinity in utility. 

I usually start Gromp, smite it immediately for the poison passive, then Blue Sentinel and Murkwolves last, smite should be up for Murkwolves. That will give enough gold for Trailblazer, so back there and pick it up before going to Red Brambleback. It’s especially good to get to 800 gold and immediately pick up your Mobility boots (with Tenacious mastery + Juggernaut enchant you will have enough tenacity, so you don’t need Merc Treads unless they’re really heavy AP and your team is losing their lanes.


After a month of hard work and late night tater tots, I’m finally back.  Not blogging is pretty much the most strenuous activity I have ever had to endure.  I don’t even remember why I stopped to be honest.  I think it had something to do with a boring test that Papa had to take.  Oh well, I included a shot of the rest of the crew in case you guys wanted to see them too.



After hours of siege, the barricades to the promised garden fell down around the mad doctor’s lab.  I rushed right into combat, knocking happy turtle over as he tried to figure out which side his sword should be sheathed on.  Torgo was waiting in the inner-sanctum, claws ready.  I brandished my aluminum blade and we fought back and forth until Torgo slipped and fell on to his back.  After deciding that we could just move the garden to a less hazardous location in the lab, I helped him regain his footing and we went about cleaning up the laboratory before Papa got home.

im2cute2poot asked:

hey can you tell me what's happening in the kalista one shot gif? btw i love your content <3

Thanks a lot I love your interaction E> (that is a mechanical heart because I am Techtonic, in case any one was confused)

(Gif in question)
Syndra threw the gromp out of it’s range so that it would reset and start regenerating health, giving Kalista more time to auto attack it and stack spears before it was nearly dead. Then once it was low enough she threw her Q at it, which if it kills the target, keeps going and applies the spear stacks from the previous target onto whatever it hits. So Lucian suddenly had like 50 spear stacks on and she just instantly killed him with her E


arin gets owned so very, very much a couple minutes in

i haven’t seen comedic timing this perfect since “what is updog?”