deerpetals asked:

(sorry if this is in ur FAQ I can't check on my phone!!) hi firstly your daenerys khaleesi/dothraki cosplay was amazing omg :o but I just wanted to ask you with that outfit what did you wear under the skirt trouserwise? I'm hoping to cosplay her soon and wasn't sure wether just brown tights/ leggings would be okay or if leather look ones would be better?! so confused as to what to do- please help!!

I just used a pair of tan pants that I weathered a lot. I wouldn’t worry too much about the pants, since you don’t really see them underneath the skirt anyway. Just concentrate on the color and it will probably work out!

grohljam said: omg were they good? I’m seeing them Thursday so excited !!!!!!

yes they were amazing! you’re in for such a great night (just be careful if you go to the front as the crowd was so rough in Cardiff) 

grohljam said: thank u omg-I swear everyone on the planet loves him, his books are so average and predictable omfg

yes omg I don’t know how other people cannot see this???? Teen romance novels are so annoying omg