Today is 1 year that I’m a big fan of a great girl band called @grl ,which in the future will a be success. Last year I followed step by step the group,style of Music,the voices of those Who are amazing,everything.When the released their first single “Vacation”,was electifying,it’s a Song,not type gum stop listening to her,after they released other singles,which I thought was awesome.When I see u,wheter on Youtube,on instagram,on Twitter,anywhere,I will never stop loving then,you guys are amazing,beautiful,young,talented and will never stop being a #GRLover,you are my inspiration. I wish,from bottom of my heart,success for u. @laurenbennett @simonebattle @grlnatasha @grlemmalyn @grlpaula I 💗 u,ladies! #BrazilLovesGRL #GRLNation #GRLPower 😝