entry 51 - “I wish to see a drawing of a sad grizzly bear, wearing overalls, trying to catch fish in a small stream with an old bean tin, while a seagull bandito, perched on a rickety fencepost, laughs at him. You may draw the seagull with a sombrero on, but this is optional. Dale and Matt, make my dreams come true!” - doug 

hi there doug unfortunately bears dont have opposable thumbs so opening the bean tin was his first downfall things are going alright between him and his bird however im not sure it will last its very impracticle and the sex is average at best



Institute of Higher Learning Cheerleading Championships 2013

It’s always been a dream of mine to fly for all-girls. Now it’s come true, with a champion trophy to prove it.

And… check out the results:

Group Stunts (ALL-GIRLS)

Champion – NYP Grizzlers 84/150 (29.5,28.5,26.5,0.5)
1st Runner Up – NP Magnum Force 59.5/150 (21,20.5,19.5,1.5)
2nd Runner Up – NTU ACES 59/150 (22,21.5,19,3.5)
3rd Runner-Up – NUS Alpha Vimbz 58.5/150 (22,19,18,0.5)
4th Runner-Up – SMU Flare Team Blue 57.5/150 (22,20,18.5,3.0)

I can’t believe the margin man.