I haven’t seen a Grindr profile psd so my gay ass decided to make one 


  • customizable text (name, top left stats, about box blurbs)
  • optional drop shadow on the top left stats for pictures with bright backgrounds (for best effect, use actual selfies or personal photos of the face claim)
  • the top bar is a color fill layer that can be changed to something other than Grindr yellow (just remember to change the headline and about text vectors accordingly)
  • credit is appreciated but yall gonna do what yall gonna do

Grindr is obviously intended for queer males but don’t be afraid to use this psd for any character regardless of gender or sexual orientation (✿◠‿◠)

[ download ]

I’m a bit of a Grindr tease/troll. It’s not something I’m proud of. 

I stopped off for gas on my way from Boca back to Miami today, and saw this guy and wrote him “Wow.” He replied back, and I asked “What kind of bottom experiments are you looking to conduct?” 

He told me that he wanted to insert a condom full of skittles into my ass and eat them out one by one as his partner watched. And literally my only reply besides “ah” and “oh” was “I’m not even sure how that would work.” But then I asked “So, just Skittles and that’s it?” and he’s like “Then I want to come in you.” And I was like “haha, nope, sorry, don’t do bareback. Sorry. Bye.” And I was like, “…wait Kyle, you can let a guy go on about eating skittles out of your ass …but not about bareback sex. Would you let a man in clown makeup eat skittle out of your ass if it was safe sex? Hmm?” and I was just like, “I’m pretty sure I would not, but thanks for fucking me up by making me asks those sorts of question about myself.”

I didn’t ask for it, but he did send proof it was a 10 inch cock though. Good for him. Plus he’s got a partner. He’s got more going on for him than I do, really.