Reaper RPer PSA

(( I am writing this to reach out to the Reaper RPers of the Kuroshitsuji Fandom (or any character this applies to), before any flame-wars have a chance to start.

When roleplaying characters from anime/manga, we often have to fill in the blanks of missing information with our own headcanons, in order to establish our characters. And that’s what makes our muses our own.  With the reapers in particular, not a lot of back-story or inside information is known about them.

With the release of Chapter 105 we finally got some more info on them! And that’s amazing!
However, I know it is going to cause some conflict with the back-stories some people have established for their own characters.

I want to state this here and now, that if you have established certain things about your character, before canon information was known, you do not have to rewrite your own muse’s history to match with canon, unless you want to.  That is what makes your muse -your muse-

If new canons already match with what you have created, awesome!
If new canons don’t work with to what you have created, but you want to try to incorporate them into your character’s story, great!
If new canons are completely contradictory to what you have created, and you don’t want to merge them into your character’s story, wonderful!

Remember that the way you play YOUR MUSE is up to YOU! And no one else!
Please do not let anyone bully you into changing your character, or adapting it in certain directions, unless YOU want to!

Some RPers play their characters as close to canon as they can. Some people have different headcanons depending on the roleplay they are writing. And some will stick to their own headcanons no matter what new info is released.

All ways of playing are correct!

Keep up the kick-ass writing, my lovelies!! ))