Fashion in Film: Blue Jasmine (2013)

Would you stop staring at my luggage? Yes, it’s Louis Vuitton!

When costume designer Suzy Benzinger began to plan the wardrobe for Blue Jasmine, her fifth movie with director Woody Allen, she panicked. Allen wanted only the best for Cate Blanchett’s downtrodden socialite character — Chanel, Hermès, Louis Vuitton — all on a budget of $35,000.

"When I read the script, panic set in," Benzinger said. "I thought, there is no way this film can be done. Ultimately, I just lay myself at the feet of the designers. I was on the phone all day begging."

Two essentials for Blanchett’s character were her Chanel jacket and Hermès Birkin bag. Benzinger studied the way female celebrities carry their bags like a shield in front of their bodies, a habit which Jasmine possesses throughout the film. Hermès was more than happy to allow Benzinger to have her pick of Birkins (quite a feat given the bag’s cost and mile-long waiting list). Karl Lagerfeld was also willing to provide the classic tweed jacket seen on Blanchett in multiple scenes.

"We called Karl Lagerfeld in the middle of the Paris collections and, I have to say, he was an angel," Benzinger said. "Chanel phoned back immediately and asked, ‘Which one do you want?’ I actually drew out a Chanel jacket, if you can believe it. I said, ‘This one.’ And the package arrived in two days."

However, Benzinger hit a snag when Louis Vuitton was not as forthcoming to provide the film’s pièce de résistance. She needed the iconic luggage set, but the brand refused unless they could read the script ahead of time (a big no-no). Fortunately, Blanchett had just opened a Louis Vuitton store in Australia and, after a month of begging, managed to persuade the brand to donate the items that served as Jasmine’s last connection to her old life.


Cloud Atlas (2012) (x)

Directors: Andy & Lana Wachoswki, Tom Twyker

Cinematographer: Frank Griebe & John Toll

Screenwriters: Andy & Lana Wachoswki, Tom Twyker

I have a ridiculous, passionate love for this movie. It’s completely underrated and very, very beautiful.

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Talk about decoration…… Here is a look at the Grieb & Benzinger Blue Danube.

From a small little Manufacture to a helping hand from some of the top Manufactures, G & B knock this one out of the park. 

A lot of work and love went to it to this highly decorated and beautiful time piece. The Blue Danube is featured in a Platinum case and minute repeater and split second chrono all made by Patek Philippe for Tiffany & CO. The movement is highly decorated with a skeleton decoration and rhodium plated. The dial is done with a Breguet frosted finish and sterling silver. For such a small Independent house, their vision is very BIG!

Full article via: Perpetuelle