Seunghyun Lee was born 12-12-1990 = That made Seungri to be 25 year old.

You see K-Netizens is forcing us to believe G Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara is dating. G Dragon didn’t confirm he in a relationship with her. And what I see Korean are forcing gay idol to be in a straight relationship with the public. That’s I’m trying to explain about Kpop fan and Korean fan don’t accept homosexuality relationship. Because we are homophobia and anti-gay when a idol announced he or she is gay.

Look at Yuri Kwon from SNSD.
I knew her relationship with the baseball players is a cover up about Tao leaving EXO. Most idol who date in the public openly . They are cover up what really happened within the company. Yuri is dating a man"Oh, My god she is straight!!! I’m happy.“

Then after the news Tao father want Tao to get out of EXO because of abuse from the company. People doesn’t see the actual truth of what is going on with these idols leaving lately.

All I have to said that drama is coming soon about k-netizens spreading secret and lies to the I-netizens.


Credit: saki @ vine