Fangirl challenge: (9/20 pairings) : Mark and Lexie (Grey’s Anatomy)

“You’re in me. You’re like - it’s like you’re a disease. It’s like I am infected by Mark Sloan and I just can’t think about anything or anybody and I can’t sleep. I can’t breathe. I can’t eat. And I love you. I love you all the time. Every minute of every day. I love you.”


"For over a year, since the plane crash, all I’ve been thinking about is myself. I had to figure out how to be me. I used to be someone who was always happy, I woke up happy. I used to be someone who would skate at work, and then this happened. And everything was hard, and everything took thought and planning. It felt like my life didn’t fit me."


Well I decided to do a Christmas Follow Forever. A bunch of people changed their urls while I was on my hiatus so I’m not sure who everyone is, so if I forgot you I’m sorry! These are the people who I’ve become friends with and who make my dash awesome! I love you guys! <3

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I’ve only had this tumblr for 2 months but it has honestly been so amazing. There are so many talented and wonderful people in this fandom.  If you love grey’s and you aren’t following these yet, I suggest you start now because you are missing out. I’m constantly in awe of so many, but these are the blogs that inspired me to even start making graphics. This is just to thank you for everything you do and I hope you all have a great holiday & new year.

p.s. before you think who is this crazy chick who isn’t even following me, I follow all of you. It’s just on my personal blog since this is a sub-blog ;)

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