Scitzo Convo 1
  • Me:''You know its something when you start getting jealous.''
  • Myself:''Hahaa your getting jealous?? O DEAR''
  • Me:..... :/
  • Myself:''you could just kill yourself...''
  • Me:....''No, no bitch is worth dying for''
  • Myself:''but some are worth getting jealous over?''
  • Me:''I never said i could help it, shit happens, you know how it is''
  • Myself:''No, not really, all i know is that either you like her or you don't, getting jealous is a different ball game, fuck.that.shit''
  • Me:''If its so easy then why the fuck are you in this situation?''
  • Myself:''...because you dragged me into it, i was cool kicking back and smoking shisha but noooo you had to go and kiss her didnt you, you fuck''
  • Me:''ye but you know it felt good''
  • Myself:''yes.yes it did but if i knew what would would of happened afterwards perhaps i would of thought twice''
  • Me:''Fuck you, neither of us think that far ahead when it comes to felines''
  • Myself:''Felines?? what the fuck are you? a Lion?''
  • Me:''Well it is my star sign sooooo..... anyway were coming off topic, tell me now, am i fucked?
  • Myself:''Pretttttttty much so, but don't worry, if you get your heart ripped out and stomped on you'll only work harder in life and move forward fuelled by rage''
  • Me:''you know me too well, so just go with the flow?'
  • Myself:''Just go.with.the.flow''