Grey’s needs to start bringing in some interesting patient storylines for this new season. I’m talking teenager encased in cement, heart in an elevator, ‘blowhole’ face, bombs in body cavities, people impaled on a pole, and all of those sad ones where someone dies and someone cries.

I feel like the show has been focusing a little too much on the characters’ personal lives lately, and while I can understand that that is the focal point of the show and that everyone is changing and growing and developing (and there are too many characters!), one of the main reasons it was such a success in the first place is because of the refreshing, smart, entertaining patient storylines. Women popping out babies, or an elderly person dying, or people undergoing kidney transplants are not interesting to watch.

I want drama, and sadness, and I want to see some patients that I can actually care about, even if it’s only for 40+ minutes.


"What’s a whipstitch?"