Here’s our tribute to Monty Oum. It’s a Medley of songs from RWBY. I hope you enjoy it. 

RIP Monty Oum


Give it a watch guys.

"Snowpiercer" included in Yahoo's "10 Most Favorite Movies of the Year (So Far)"

The Korean-directed film, “Snowpiercer” has been ranked as one of the top 10 films of 2014 on

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In addition to being all presidential and smoldery-like on ABC’s “Scandal” — Hel-lo Fitz! — Tony Goldwyn’s behind-the-lens work directing the pilot for WE tv’s upcoming legal drama “The Divide” will also make its long-awaited debut this year.

The Next Big Things for the ‘Divergent’ Cast. By Amanda Bell. 24 March 2014.

I LOVE how fan-girly is about Tony and Fitz. It makes me giggle. LOL.