Let’s just take a moment to remember all the amazing moments that not only DARYL AND BETHhave given to us, but NORMAN AND EMILY AS WELL! Sneak peaks, spoilers and previews over the past few months have been very promising for the Bethyl Ship!And not just because of some photos either! We got to actually watch during the SDCC’14 as Norman and Emily were attatched at the hip the entire day! Which as stated by some fellow Bethylers is a CLASSIC PR stunt! Getting viewers who are considered the general audience use to seeing these two together! For Bethylers, this hiatus has been absolutely agonizing, but it will all end up well worth the wait! Despite the painful wait, we’ve gotten so many promising CONFIRMATIONS in Bethyl!! Not just statements from Norman and our little Emmy themselves, but from co-stars Lauren Cohan and Sonequa Martin, Showrunner Scott Gimple AS WELL AS Executive Producer Greg Nicotero!! The cast LOVES IT!!

But to me, and I’m sure for many other Bethyl Buddies out there, all confirmations aside, the best parts of this hiatus has been MOMENTS WE’VE GOTTEN BETWEEN NORMILY! It shows not only have these two gotten cozy and comfortable ACTING with one another, but that they even have little NIGHTLY OUTINGS TOGETHER!  

We’ve been absolutely ecstatic seeing these two tweeting to one another and ABOUT one another! And it’s clear that Norman absolutely adores Emily! They’ve become very close and I feel it only bodes even more WELL FOR THE BETHYL SHIP!We’ve gotten so much from our cast, crew, producers, show runner AND writers when it comes to the stories The Walking Dead tries to tell, and THE BETHYL ARC granted AMC a brand new fan base! It’s as Norman tweeted when he and EMILY were answering fan questions, ‘Holy shit this is going SO fast!’

Majority of the FAN BASE, including general viewers tuned in to see episodes ‘Still’ and ‘Alone’  which have been claimed as ‘a jolt to the structure of the season—HELL, MAYBE EVEN THE WHOLE SERIES’ because it ACTUALLY told a story. So despite some’s claims that “Still” was a fluke, the epi-arc between DARYL AND BETH actually proved to not disappoint at ALL! And there’s no denying that there’s a flame that’s been sparked between these two to those who’ve been paying attention. So much so that even AMC themselves have posted about it not once, but twice now as to WHERE DARYL’S FEELINGS ARE! 

As it’s been said, one of the BIGGEST questions going into Season 5 is and has remained, "WHERE IS BETH?!" And that will DEFINITELY be a storyline that’s going to be EXPLORED! It’s obvious that Daryl and Beth’s stories are being integrated into one another’s, and I have a feeling once the two are REUNITED, we’ll be seeing a LOT more of that!! It’s just like Emmy said, it turned into not only DARYL AND BETH’s JOURNEY but NORMAN AND EMILY’S JOURNEY AS WELL! 


Keep Calm And Bethyl On, loves!

The cast of The Walking Dead reunites at Walker Stalker Con (Nov. 2, 2013)